Social mobility as a source of psychic stress


Lee, Rance Pui-leung

TitleSocial mobility as a source of psychic stress
PublisherSocial Research Center, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Publication DateJune, 1973
Keywords:Social psychiatry

Social mobility

Abstract/ Concluding Remarks:

This study examined the combined, relative, and interaction effects of three social-spatial mobility variables upon the incidence o f psychiatric symptoms among a group of Canadian rural adults over a period of ten years. The Automatic Interaction Detector was employed as the major statistical procedure for data-analysis. It was found that the three mobility variables together accounted for about one-eighth of the total variations. Spatial mobility during adulthood was relatively the most powerful variable, followed by socioeconomic status mobility; while spatial mobility during childhood was the least important factor. Those respondents who were spatially very mobile during adulthood and were socioeconomically downward-mobile or remaining-to-be-low had the highest rate of incidence, while those respondents who were spatially stable during both childhood and adulthood and were socioeconomically upward-mobile or remaining-to-be-high had the lowest rate.

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