Blue Books v.1911

A. Taxes, Duties, Fees, and Other Sources of Revenue
B. Personal Fees
C. Revenue and Expenditure
C. Premia on Land Sales
C. Assets and Liabilities
C. Statement of Funded Debt or Loans
D. Local Revenues
D. Public Debt
E. Military Expenditure
F. Government Buildings, &C.
F. Public Works
F. Government House
G. Legislation - Laws, Proclamations, &C.
H. Political Franchise
I. Councils and Assemblies
J. Civil Establishments
J. Abstract of Expenditure for Civil, Legal, and Ecclesiastical Establishments, &C.
K. Officers Who Have Given Security For the Due Discharge of Their Duties
L. Pensions
M. Foreign Consuls
N. Population
O. Miscellaneous Numerical Returns
P. Ecclesiastical Returns
Q. Education, Newspapers and Reviews
R. Exchanges, Moneys, Weights, and Measures
S. Imports and Exports
T. Shipping
U. Agriculture, Cultivated and Uncultivated Lands, Wages, &C.
V. Manufactures, Mines and Fisheries
W. Grants of Lands
X. Gaols and Prisoners
Y. Criminal Statistics
Z. Hospitals and Lunatic Asylums
Za. Charitable Institutions
Zb. Religious and Other Institutions
Zc. Meteorological Observations
Zd.Return of Railways, Canals, Roads, Telegraphs and Telephones
Ze.Post and Telegraph Statistics
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