Siumi Maria TAM 譚少薇

Research Projects

  • Engendering Ethnic Existence: An Ethnographic Study of Nepalese Women in Hong Kong
  • TAM Siu Mi Maria
    1 December 2005
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The proposed project aims at understanding the experience of Nepalese women as members of an ethnic minority in Hong Kong, who remain a marginalized social group and often victims of cultural stigmatization. Lacking in the host society.s language and information on the public welfare system, they are faced with problems such as high rates of infectious diseases, notably HIV/AIDS, low employment rate, and low education level. These are aggravated by the gender division of labor in the family, where Nepalese women are subordinated to men due to conservative gender concepts, religious expectations, and social systems of control over female mobility. Cross-cultural research shows that the most efficient means to social development is through the education of women, as they perform important roles as socializers of children, brokers of cultural values, caregivers to family members, guardians of familial wellbeing including physical and metal health, and partners in household finance. This is a pilot ethnographic study in the Nepalese communities in Yuen Long and Jordan, based on in-depth interviews and participant observation, to arrive at a holistic understanding of Nepalese women.s experience as daughters, wives and mothers, and as grandmothers. By comparing the changes over three generations, the study identifies factors that intervene with women.s life stages, and to further seek generalizable implications for other South Asian groups in Hong Kong. Results from the study will inform public policy makers, as well as contribute to the theorization of ethnic relations in urban settings in a globalized world. (AL05436)

  • Recording Wan Chai People’s Culture
  • LU Lie Dan, TAM Siu Mi Maria
    7 February 2006
    The Conservancy Association Centre for Heritage

    Wan Chai is one of the oldest districts in Hong Kong. As it is being redeveloped by the government, many traditional items and properties are rapidly disappearing. In order to preserve some tangible and intangible cultural properties in Wan Chai, we are going to record household items of an old flat in Wan Chai, which has not been renovated since the 1950s. The objectives of this project are 1) to accurately record and describe individual and assembled items in this flat, and to conduct interview with local peoples to collect data about Wan Chai people.s way of life; 2) based on the above data and other published documents, to analyze the meanings and functions of the items. The outcome of this project will be a documentation of the floor plan and household items of the flat. During this documentation process, the flat will be opened to the public to encourage public participation in heritage preservation in order to enhance Wan Chai peoples. sense of belonging and group identity. The outcome of this project will also provide valuable information for the public history of Wan Chai and Hong Kong. (AL05684)

  • The Social Construction of Family and Gender: An Investigation of Polygyny across the Hong Kong-China Border
  • TAM Siu Mi Maria, MA Lai Chong (Dept of Social Work)
    30 December 2001
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    This study investigates the phenomenon of baau yih naaih, in which Hong Kong men take Mainland mistresses and set up second households in China. In the past twenty years, there has been a tremendous increase of mobility of personnel and capital across the Hong Kong-China border, ushered in by China’s open policy and economic reforms. While public discourse has attributed the cross-border polygynous relationships to economic discrepancies between China and Hong Kong, and to changes in the occupational structure of Hong Kong, little has been done to systematically examine the underlying complexity of the phenomenon. Paying particular attention to the agency and subjectivities of the individuals involved in the relationships, this research aims to:
    (1) investigate the social and cultural circumstances that contribute to baau yih naaih relationships,
    (2) explore how the relationship is perceived by the persons involved, namely the husbands, wives, and mistresses, and
    (3) analyze the socio-economic and cultural impact on the family and the children.
    The study takes into consideration the interplay of three aspects: family and work structure, concepts of gender roles, and the cultural identity of Hong Kong people vis-a-vis mainlanders. This research will contribute to the understanding of family and gender relations in post-colonial Hong Kong and contemporary Chinese society, especially in relation to mobility and social development. In-depth data from this study will further the knowledge and theorizing of these issues in anthropology and social work, and will be particularly relevant for welfare policy makers and frontline social service providers. (SS01349)

  • Tradition in Diaspora: Culture and Selfhood among the Nepalese in Hong Kong
  • TAM Siu Mi Maria
    15 April 2008
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Tradition provides essential knowledge for identity construction and authority for communities to justify their existence through defining cultural capital. This is important for migrant peoples as they seek to anchor their new social existence. This project examines the tradition discourse, with a focus on the Nepalese community, when the government moves toward building a "harmonious society" with multiculturalism as a predominant theme. In this context, different actors make use of tradition in promoting beliefs and values: The government inculcates ideas of citizenship, Nepalese organizations create feelings of unity and manage ethnic impressions, and welfare agencies promote inclusion. Nepalese individuals give meaning to their lives through practice of traditions in everyday life, simultaneously abiding by and contesting traditional culture. As the government, nongovernment organizations and individuals take part in the construction of a multicultural Hong Kong, they share discourses, symbols, and techniques in the reproduction and invention of tradition. The project looks at how they are connected in the discourse of tradition, and how this discourse is produced and becomes means of unity, transformation, and discord. The project asks: l) How Nepalese organizations and individuals make use of tradition in creating a transnational community; 2) how the Hong Kong government makes the Nepalese as the "other" and the "foreign" fit mainstream society; and 3) the role of non-government organizations in this process. The data generated will shed light on Hong Kong's South Asian minorities and inform policy makers, educators, and social service providers. It also contributes to the building of theory on tradition, migration and displacement, and on the complex relationship between the state, non-government organizations, and individuals in a transnational existence. (AL07887)

Research Publications

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