TAN Chee Beng 陳志明

Research Projects

  • Chinese of Indonesian Origin in Hong Kong and Trans-Regional Networks
  • TAN Chee Beng
    1 December 2005
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    This study aims to study the Chinese of Indonesian origin in Hong Kong and their trans-regional networks with Chinese of Indonesia-related background in South China and Indonesia. Most of these people in Hong Kong are Chinese Indonesian returnees to South China, where they were settled in the various .overseas Chinese farms. in Fujian and Yunnan. Many later re-migrated to Hong Kong. This project will investigate the followings:
    1. The ethnography of the Chinese of Indonesian origin in Hong Kong: population, distribution, nature of community, social networks and association, Indonesia-related cultural life, young people.s cultural identity.
    2. Memory of migration from Indonesia and from mainland China, including the relevance of such memory for trans-regional networks.
    3. The nature of trans-regional/transnational networks with South China and with Indonesia, including social and economic significances. The project will involve qualitative anthropological research, to begin in December 2005 and end November 2006. (AL05602)

Research Publications

  • Changing Chinese foodways in Asia (co-authored with David Y.H. Wu). Hong Kong : Chinese University Press, 2001.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Reserve 4 hours GT2853.A8 C492 2001; UL HK Studies GT2853.A8 C492 2001 c.3; NA General Education GT2853.A8 C492 2001 c.2)

  • "Teaching and Documentation of Chinese Overseas Studies with Special Reference to The Chinese University of Hong Kong"(co-authored with CHIU Shu Ju Ann). Paper presented in the Second International Conference of Institutes & Libraries for Chinese Overseas Studies. Hong Kong SAR, 2003.03.

  • 《福建曁閩南硏究文獻選輯》(與張小軍合編),香港:香港中文大學香港亞太硏究所,1999。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Reference Z3107.F84 F8 1999 c.2; UL HK Studies Z3107.F84 F8 1999 c.3; CC Reference Z3107.F84 F8 1999 c.4; NA Reference Z3107.F84 F8 1999)

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