GU Daqing 顧大慶

Research Projects

  • A Study of the Design Achievements of Hong Kong's Modern Architecture from the 1940s to the 1970s
  • GU Daqing, BERTIN Vito Daniel, ZHU Jingxiang
    1 January 2007
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    The purpose of the investigation is to study, using documentation and formal analysis, the design achievements of Hong Kong’s modern architecture between the 1940s and 1970s. Up until now studies of Hong Kong’s architecture have concentrated mainly on either vernacular and historical buildings or contemporary design work with little attention being paid to the period in between, the 1940s to 1970s, which was strongly influenced by the Modern Movement. The design achievements of this period are largely unknown, not only to the public but to many professionals. This project will therefore be the first attempt to fill in this void in the study of Hong Kong’s architecture. In the process of urban renewal, many buildings of this period have been and will be demolished for new development. We hope that, through this project, the most representative examples from this period will be carefully recorded, analyzed and documented. Beyond merely graphic documentation or historical and social studies, the research intends to focus on the study of design. In particular, we will take three topical studies on public housing and institutional buildings, which in a great degree determined the urban form of contemporary Hong Kong. The results of the study will be published as a series of design monographs. (CU06668)

  • Tectonics in Hong Kong
  • GU Daqing, BERTIN Vito Daniel, NUTT Timothy John
    1 March 2003
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The purpose of the proposed investigation is to conduct a formal analysis of selected local buildings designed and built during the 1940’s to 70’s. The investigation focuses on the tectonic aspect of architectural design. The term tectonics used in architecture indicates a particular field of design inquiry. The key issue is about the interrelationship between space and the physical means that defines space. In Hong Kong, some of the buildings designed and built during the 1940’s to 70’s possess a particular quality in their tectonic expression. This quality can be revealed through an exercise of formal analysis. In the long history of Hong Kong architecture, the design achievements in this particular period are, generally speaking, unknown not only to the public but also to many architects. Therefore, this project will be the first attempt to fill in a void in the study of Hong Kong architecture by documenting and analyzing some carefully selected buildings from this period. The resulting document will also provide an important local reference for design teaching in local schools. (SS02341)

Research Publications

  • "Disappearing fabric: Old Hong Kong Police Quarters". (co-authored with BERTIN Vito Daniel and ZHU Jingxiang) Presented in Refabricating City: Hong Kong - Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Hong Kong SAR: The Hong Kong Institute of Architects, 10 Jan 2008

  • "Vice Versa: Displacing Acts, Lives & Threshold of a Hyper City from Hong Kong, China" (co-authored with BERTIN Vito Daniel and WOO Pui Leng) Presented in Cities, Architecture and Society 10th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale, 2006

  • 〈以教學為核心、教學和研究相結合的教學體系探索 — 香港中文大學建築學系建築教育的發展思路〉與白思德合著,《時代建築》2001年增刊
    (CUHK Library Call No: ARL Periodical NA1540.S53 2001; Also Available Online)

  • 《香港集裝箱建築》[The Vernacular Contained, Hong Kong Container Architecture] 與柏庭衛、胡佩玲合著,北京:中國建築工業出版社,2004
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies NA1546.H66 B47 2004; ARL NA1546.H66 B47 2004)

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