CHOW Chi Wai Kelly 周志偉

Research Projects

  • Tsuen Wan West Research and Development Project
  • BANIASSAD Esmail, CHOW Kelly Chi Wai, HO Shuk Mei*
    15 July 2005
    Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation

    This is a proposal for a .communal development. of Tsuen Wan West which combines and includes several existing developments and aims to provide a connecting physical tissue and enhance the potential of an integrated urban community. The strategic vision of the .West area. of the New Territories provides a context and guideline for the development of this part of Hong Kong as a community of distinct social and cultural character in an environmentally responsible and culturally rich manner. The approach to this development would by necessity be incremental and involve local developments following opportunities, needs, and priorities at local, municipal and regional levels. The West Rail provides in its turn a spine along which individual projects can be planned and carried out as steps in achieving the overall aim. Tsuen Wan West offers one such opportunity which can serve as a chance for development which can benefit the community and establish an approach towards later similar developments. One important characteristic of Tsuen Wan is that it already contains extensive investment in the form of individual projects. It also displays a common characteristic of the absence of an integrative urban fabric which can in turn support and induce a sense of community and connectivity between the different parts transforming the area from several islands of different projects to an urban community. (SS05993)

Research Publications

  • "Urban Parks in Hong Kong (An Examination of the Role and Design of Urban Parks in Reference to Environmental Pollution) ". (co-authored with Baniassad Esmail) International Conference on Pollution in the Metropolitan and Urban Environment (POLMET 2003) : "Sustainable Urbanisation - The Challenge in the Changing Economy4B_056. 3 Nov 2003
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Oversize TD177 .I57 2003)

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