CHOI Po King Dora 蔡寶瓊

Research Projects

  • Chinese Women and Hong Kong Christianity: An Oral History
  • WONG Wai Ching Angela, CHOI Po King Dora (Educational Administration & Policy)
    1 January 2007
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    This project aims at studying the life and world as experienced by Christian women in Hong Kong by way of doing an oral history. This study focuses on Chinese Protestant and Catholic women who are aged 65 years or above who have been active in the churches and society of Hong Kong.1 These may include women pastors, evangelists, and lay leaders in the congregation or of church sponsored or related organizations, nurtured and educated primarily in Hong Kong after World War II. Because of the unique position of the churches and Christian education in the colonial government, Christian women had served at the forefront of society on the legislature (e.g. Ellen Li 李曹秀群, the first Chinese woman legislator), education (e.g. Luzhao junhong 陸趙鈞鴻,2 champion of curriculum reform in pre-school and primary education), social service (e.g. Gao Tiaohua 高苕華, General Secretary of YWCA for three decades), and Christian ministry (e.g. Li Qingci 李清詞, the first woman ordained in Hong Kong) of Hong Kong; many served as school principals, teachers, community leaders and lay leaders in the churches and Christian organizations. Their influence and contribution to the development of gender equality, women’s education, social and family policy in Hong Kong have been unfathomable. This project aims at collecting oral reports from these women of various backgrounds on questions pertaining to their experience at the crossroads of Chinese cultural values and Western Christianity and the impact of which on the role and status of women in postwar Hong Kong. Most important, the oral reports of these women will fill a lacuna of not only the women’s history in Hong Kong Christianity but also the history of Hong Kong itself. As some of these eldest women gradually passed away, the timing of the project is most urgent.

    1 According to《2004 香港基督教教會普查簡報》, an annual survey of Hong Kong Protestant Churches published by the Movement for Hong Kong Church Renewal this year, there are 246,545 Christian residents in 2004, of which about 61.5% are women. The age group of 65 and above consists of 26,251 (11.9%). Assuming that the female to male ratio slightly exceeds the average at 65:35 in the elderly groups, the number of Christian women who are aged 65 or above is 17,063. (胡志偉,霍安琪 2005)

    2 Chinese names will be transliterated into pin-yin for consistency of this proposal. (CU06579)

Research Publications

  • 《九十年代香港家庭:矛盾與出路:一九九一年兩性角色交流會》與區潔珍合編,香港:香港中文大學香港亞太硏究所性別硏究計劃,1992。
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  • 《千針萬線:香港成衣工人口述史》成衣業, 文職及零售業職工總會策劃;蔡寶瓊主編;王曉鑫等作者,香港:進一步多媒體有限公司,2008。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Reserve HD9940.H62 Q53 2008; UL HK Studies HD9940.H62 Q53 2008; UC Special Language Collection HD9940.H62 Q53 2008)

  • 《我很蠢,但我教書》,香港:進一步多媒體有限公司,2007。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies LA2383.H62 C25 2007; CC LA2383.H62 C25 2007; UC General Education LA2383.H62 C25 2007)

  • 《性敎育再思:敎育工作者參考手册》與文思慧合編,香港:香港中文大學香港敎育硏究所,1997
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  • 《厚生與創業 : 維他奶五十年 (一九四〇年至一九九〇年)》,香港:香港荳品有限公司,1990。
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  • 《邂逅天水圍的孩子》,蔡寶瓊, 李小慧, 黃寶文編輯,香港:出版者不詳,2004。

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