LO Lung Kwong 盧龍光

Research Projects

  • The Strategy of Development of Chinese Methodist Church at Foshan and Guangzhou in the First Half of 20th Century
  • LO Lung Kwong, LIN Zhongze*
    1 July 2002
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The Methodist Church was one of the mainline Protestant churches which sent missionaries to Hong Kong and China as early as mid-nineteenth Century. It began the mission work at Guangzhou and Foshan. By establishing a famous secondary school (Wah Ying) and a well-known hospital (Tsun To) attached with a nursing school at Foshan in the first half of the 20th Century, it gained quite a development in church work as well. This strategy of development had been successfully adopted by Methodist Church in Hong Kong and South East Asia in a latter period. By studying the thinking and lives of four main representatives of Methodist missionaries in this period, as well as the experiences of the development of the said secondary school and hospital, we could gain knowledge of the characteristics of the strategy of development of Chinese Methodist Church and the theological thinking behind. To recover the historical profile of Chinese Methodist Church by investigating dispersed archives and interviewing those survival senior ministers, church members and alumni of the secondary school and the nursing school related to the hospital, not only could we understand the church model and the contextualized theology of Chinese Methodist Church in their sociocultural contexts, but also lay a foundation to study the development of Christianity in Guangdong Province in the first half of 20th Century. (AL02957)

Research Publications

  • 《百年建基業萬世傳福音 : 循道衛理敎會香港開基一百週年紀念特刊》(與吳思源合編),香港:循道衛理敎會,1985。
    (CUHK Library Call No: CC BX8316.H6 P34)

  • 《百點燈集 : ... 新生入學感言集》,香港:崇基學院神學院,2006。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HKS Univ Archive LG51.H59.5 .C571556 2006-07; CC Univ Archive LG51.H59.5 .C571556 2006-07 c.2)

  • 〈宗教與社會:香港的經驗與反思〉,論文發表於「宗教與社會」研討會,主辦機構為東海大學宗教研究所,台灣,2002.05.31,頁46-85。

  • 〈居留權對香港的衝擊〉,《教會智囊》,第10-12期,第1版,香港特別行政區:香港中文大學崇基學院神學組使命實踐支援計劃,2002.06。

  • 《香港基督敎使命和身分尋索的歷史回顧》(與楊國強合編),香港:基督敎中國宗敎文化硏究社,2002。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies BR1295.H6 L593 2002 c.3; CC BR1295.H6 L593 2002 c.2)

  • 〈香港教育宣教歷史的回顧與反思 (1949-1985) 〉,「香港教會系列3」,《香港基督教使命和身份尋索的歷史回顧》,香港:基督教中國宗教文化研究社,2002.07,頁9-49。

  • 《循道衛理聯合敎會社會服務特刊》,香港:該會服務部。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies HV431 .A317 1983; UL HK Studies HV431 .A317 1990; UL HK Studies HV431 .A317 1995)

  • 《愛你的鄰舍 : 教會社區工作理論與實踐》,台北市:校園書房出版社,2003。
    (CUHK Library Call No: CC Reserve 1 day BV625 .L63 2003)

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