CHEN Shuangye 陳霜葉

Research Projects

  • Attractiveness of Hong Kong Undergraduate Education to Chinese Mainland Students: A Study of Sustainability from the Perspective of Students’ Realized Choices in Five Universities
  • CHEN Shuangye
    1 April 2008
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The past enrollment practice in Mainland China by Hong Kong universities has been an increasingly heated issue. Undergraduate education in Hong Kong has been said to be a strong rival against Mainland universities. Elite students have been creamed off either by a handsome of scholarship or by different style of undergraduate education in Hong Kong. What work to attract those students in Hong Kong? Will those factors, if there are, be sustainable to attract the cream of the crop and the financially capable in the future confronted by more fierce competition from other countries? The proposed research would focus on the institutional factors from individual realized choices to discuss what factors in Hong Kong universities are attractive to Mainland applicants and analyze the sustainability. On the one hand the research would like to interview Mainland freshmen in more Hong Kong universities, on the other side the interviewed population will be extended to those had declined offers from Hong Kong but stay in Mainland universities. This research is expected to contribute theoretically to the literature of students’ choice and students’ flow in overseas education. On the policy-wide, findings from this research will closely address policy concerns in Hong Kong to strengthen the positioning as regional education hub and attract young talents from outside of Hong Kong. (ED07397)

  • The Missing Link - School Leadership and Student Outcomes in Hong Kong Secondary Schools
  • WALKER Allan David, KWAN Yu Kwong Paula*, CHEN Shuangye, PUNCH Keith*, DAY Christopher*
    1 January 2008
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    Although the educational reform environment in Hong Kong remains crowded, two key issues are never far from the centre of debate. These are the quality and place of school leadership and the improvement in student outcomes. This study is based on the premise that if school leadership is to hold real meaning it must be framed predominantly in terms of student outcomes, and it brings together these two issues for the first time in research in Hong Kong. Drawing on a current landmark project in the UK, and on previous research into school leadership in Hong Kong, the study investigates the complex relationship between school leadership and a range of student outcomes in Hong Kong secondary schools. Specifically, it will determine the extent to which variation in student outcomes –both formal achievement and affective outcomes – is associated with variation in how leadership is conceptualized and practiced. It will also determine both the direct and indirect influence of leadership on in-school factors and student outcomes. A mixed method approach will combine quantitative and qualitative methods to provide both a comprehensive picture of the relationship across Hong Kong secondary schools as well as rich descriptions drawn from selected case study schools. Outcomes of the research are expected to enhance theoretical understanding of school leadership generally and expand knowledge of leadership effects specifically in Hong Kong. Findings can be subsequently used to inform education policy makers and hold tremendous potential for future school leadership development programmes in Hong Kong. (CU07514)

  • Why Do They Choose to Study in Hong Kong? An Exploratory Study of Newly Enrolled Mainland Undergraduates in a Hong Kong University
  • CHEN Shuangye, LO Nai Kwai Leslie
    1 January 2007
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    This research aims at investigating the realized university choice of the first-year Mainland students in one Hong Kong university. With the higher education policy being oriented to establish Hong Kong as the regional education hub, universities in Hong Kong have increased their enrollment in the Chinese Mainland and intensified enrolment competition with Mainland universities, especially with the elite universities like Beijing University and Tsinghua University. No study has been found yet to investigate the realized choice of Mainland undergraduate students in Hong Kong, under the Hong Kong context of developing into the regional educational hub. How attractive of Hong Kong universities to Mainland students and how sustainable the attractiveness are worth a thorough study from the perspective of digging into their individual choice-making of higher education in Hong Kong. The major research questions are: 1) Why and how did they choose to study in Hong Kong? 2) What Mainland universities would they choose if they could not be admitted by the present Hong Kong university? And why? 3) How do they view their choice now?

    This research would interview 10 students for data collection and qualitative analysis. With deep understanding of individual realized choice of Mainland undergraduates in Hong Kong, the research would explore factors of their choice and help develop a survey questionnaire in the future study and help compare the attractive factors of Hong Kong universities with their Mainland counterparts. The research finding will be expected to enrich the academic literature on students' choice for overseas higher education and generate relevant policy recommendation to the Hong Kong higher education policy. (ED06610)

Research Publications

  • "Flexibility within structure: Leader development in Hong Kong."(co-authored with WALKER Allan David) UCEA Review (Texas, USA: UCEA) vol.XLIX no.3 (2008), pp.22-24.

  • "Realized choice of higher education outside Mainland China: A case study of newly enrolled Mainland undergraduates in a Hong Kong university." Paper presented in the 52nd Annual Conference of Comparative and International Education Society organized by Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, United States of America, March 2008

  • 《當大學遇到市場:中國兩所大學新增本科專業的研究》[顯微資料],香港中文大學(哲學博士)論文,2006
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Thesis LB2362.C5 C44 2006)

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