LAM Ka Ka 林嘉嘉

Research Projects

  • Case Studies: The In-Service Secondary School Teachers’ Conceptions of Liberal Studies Curriculum
  • LAM Ka Ka
    1 January 2008
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Title of the project: "Case studies: The in-service secondary school teachers' conceptions of Liberal Studies curriculum". The learning and teaching approach for Liberal Studies is structured around enquiry into a range of life and social issues. Teachers are asked to guide students to appreciate the changing, complex and controversial nature of the issues and encourage them to ask questions and find answers actively. The teachers' conceptions of curriculum or teachers' belief systems will affect how the teachers operationalize the curricula in schools. In this research, the researcher will place emphasis on one of the core subjects in the senior education ------ Liberal Studies, as well as examine how and why the in-service teachers in Hong Kong perceive the LS curriculum in such ways. Since there is no rigid boundary of LS curriculum, and the teachers who teach LS may have their autonomy to choose the issues, design the teaching and learning processes according to their students needs. Hence, the teachers' conceptions of LS curriculum possibly affect what and how they teach this subject. On the other hand, most of the in-service teachers with various academic backgrounds or disciplines who are not experienced at teaching LS are preparing for teaching this new subject in the senior forms. It provides an opportunity for the researcher to explore the relationships between the academic backgrounds of teachers and the teachers' conceptions of curriculum in the certain context. (ED07789)

  • Life Histories: The National Identities Construction and Life Chances of Two Students in a Patriotic School and Overseas Chinese School in Hong Kong (1950 - 1970’s)
  • LAM Ka Ka
    1 July 2005
    CUHK Departmental Funding

    1. To explore the relationship between schooling and national identity construction in a certain period in HK;
    2. To explore the relationship between schooling and life chances in a certain period in HK. (ED05795)

  • Perception Survey on Changes in Teaching and Learning as Well as Student Performance in Secondary Schools Subsequent to the Reform of the Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System
  • TAM Wai Ming Frank, LAI Man Hong, LAM Ka Ka
    1 March 2003
    Education & Manpower Bureau, HKSAR Government

    As recommended by the Education Commission in its Report on Reform Proposals for the Education System in Hong Kong published in 2000, a short-term SSPA mechanism has been introduced as from the 2000/01 school year. The major features of the short-term mechanism include abolition of the Academic Aptitude Test (AAT), using the average of each primary school’s AAT results in the past three years to scale students’ school internal assessment results for the purpose of determining their allocation bands, reduction of the allocation bands from 5 to 3 and increase of the percentage of Secondary One discretionary places from 10 to 20. the short-term SSPA mechanism was intended to enable the various stakeholders in the education sector such as school heads, teachers, students, parents to adapt to the changes and to enable to Government to learn from the experiences gained from the early stage of implementation of the short-term SSPA mechanism to review and refine the SSPA System. In order to assess the perception of the stakeholders on the short-term mechanism, the Government has appointed the Chinese University of Hong Kong to conduct a “Perception Survey on Changes in Teaching and Learning as well as Student Performance in Secondary Schools Subsequent to the Reform of the Secondary School Places Allocation System”. (ED02907)

  • Research on the Theories and Practices of Basic Education Reform in Hong Kong
  • LEE Chi Kin John, TSE Kwan Choi (Educational Administration & Policy), LAM Ka Ka (Educational Administration & Policy)
    1 August 2005
    Institute of Schooling Reform and Development, East China Normal University

    This project is part of the Significant Project (重大課題攻關項目) in Philosophy and Social Sciences Research .Research on the Reconstruction of Theories of Basic Education Reform and Chinese Education. (基礎教育改革與中國教育學理論重建研究) approved by the Ministry of Education and housed under the East China Normal University in the Chinese Mainland.
    The project, based on primarily literature review of past research and analysis of policy documents, will focus on educational policy agenda, examine issues related to basic education curriculum and education reforms in Hong Kong, such as equity, democratic participation and diversity as well as consolidate experiences of school and curriculum reform projects since the late 1990s. (ED05593)

Research Publications

  • "Caught between fantasy and reality: Confucian values and dilemmas of education reform confronting Hong Kong's secondary teachers". (co-authored with TAM Wai Ming Frank and LAI Man Hong) international journal of educational reform vol.16 no.1, pp.10-26. Maryland, USA: Rowman and Littlefield Education, 2007.

  • "The Power Relationships between "left-wing" school and the Hong Kong Colonial Government". The International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Granada, Spain, 2007.07.

  • 《政治與敎育之相互作用 : 一所香港「愛國學校」之硏究》,1994。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Thesis LG52.H6H75 1994; CC Thesis LG52.H6H75 1994 c.3)

  • 《國族主義與身份建構 [顯微資料] : 殖民管治下一所香港華僑學校的個案硏究》,2002。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Thesis LC94.H6 L55 2002; Available Online)

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