LAM Yee Lay Jack 林怡禮

Research Projects

  • A Comparative Study of External Environment and Canadian School Organizational Learning
  • LAM Yee Lay Jack
    15 November 2000
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    As an extended study of the principal investigator's summer research grant and his recent RGC grant looking into the relationship between external environment and school organizational learning, the present project attempts to further clarify the intricate relationship between the two in the Canadian setting. Throughout the past efforts, the present principal investigator has accumulated a rich and important cross-cultural pool of data, containing comparable data from Taiwan, Australia, and Hong Kong. The sample to be collected from the present project will constitute the last set in formulating the basis for proposing some universal phenomena reflecting the public schools' capability of coping and surviving in different socio-cultural setting when confronted with comparable challenges brought about by education reform. As well, differential internal working conditions such as leadership, school cultural norms and structure will be scrutinized and compared. Their relative impact on the collective learning process in school will be examined. (ED00867)

  • Conceptual Mapping of a Locally-relevant School Violence-prevention Program
  • TAM Wai Ming Frank, LAM Yee Lay Jack
    1 April 2004
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Recent media coverage of incidences of school violence in Hong Kong reaffirms a well-known fact that anti-social behaviors of students are world-wide phenomena (Royer, & Debarbieux, 2003). Despite the proliferation of literature on this topic, no consensus has been reached in preventing or dealing with these thorny problems. In part, the complexity, types and origins of the violent behaviors vary considerably from case to case. In part, the socio-cultural contexts in which these problems arise defy some neatly devised categorization. All these raise the doubt whether some universal panacea will ever be found.
    In this context, efforts of conceptually developing a locally relevant violence-prevention program for Hong Kong schools become urgent. The present proposal represents the one of the attempts to undertake some conceptual construction by a mixed methodology of using both case study approach and a comparative analysis. Through a series of intensive training workshops conducted by the researchers in a targeted school, the staff will work out a prototype violence prevention program under the supervision and guidance of the researchers. This program will put into practice and its effects on students’ general behaviors will be observed and assessed. It is expected that through modification and revision, a more successful program of prevention will be created. This will complete Phase One of the project. Phase Two will begin with a few more trial of the developed program for schools running into similar problems. If effects are satisfactory, features of the programs will be integrated and organized into a locally relevant conceptual model for wider adoption. In the last stage, relationship between intra-school factors and students’ misbehaviors will be compared with models generated elsewhere. Findings should further enrich an area currently dominated by Western-specific information and data. (ED03496)

  • Cross-cultural Comparisons of Processes and Stages of Organizational Learning
  • LAM Yee Lay Jack
    1 March 2002
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The proposed project is a follow-up of the previous works funded by Direct Grants as well as a RGC grant. Concerns for major sources that motivate schools to undertake adjustment and changes in the present movement of school reforms, through organizational learning in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Central Canada and Western Australia pinpoint peculiar patterns of adaptation. Some environmental factors exerted considerable constraints on school organizations, triggered collective learning process and attained tangible outcomes. Other forces with equal disruptive impacts created little or no concerted responses from schools. A case in point was the growing severity of student problems, which, in large measure, reflect societal and family problems. And yet, there is an unusual universal non-action on the part of the schools as far as organizational learning is concerned. One of the schools of organizational studies, i.e., the .strategic choice. school highlights the initiative of leadership as the determinant for organizational action and adaptation. The purpose s of this research therefore are threefold: (1) to locate the motives and rationale of school leadership in taking or not taking any collective means of resolving the issues on hand. (2) to trace the specific processes and stages of organizational learning related to different issues. (3) to understand any differences in rationale, perspectives, and strategies of school leadership

  • Enhancing English Proficiency through School-based Learning
  • LAM Yee Lay Jack
    1 October 2001
    Quality Education Fund, HKSAR Government

    Sensing that there has been many problems associated with the current NET program, (e.g. disorientation on the part of the recruited native English teachers, the mismatch between the recruits and the employing schools, and the huge expenses involved in putting the program in practice), the current project provides an alternative by utilizing the student-teachers in the last stage of graduate studies in Australia and Canada to come to Hong Kong schools for completing their field experiences. In so doing, it is hoped that with the presence of international student-teachers in Hong Kong schools, they can generate the same amount of excitement in facilitating students in learning English, in promoting professional exchange with teachers with minimum cost. Principals will have student-teachers, having had the enriching experiences of working in foreign school system will decide whether the new environment is inductive to their professional growth. Both parties may decide to extend their working relationship or terminate further partnership without any legal or financial obligations. (ED01985)

  • Preparation for Principalship Course
  • LAM Yee Lay Jack
    30 October 2002
    Education & Manpower Bureau, HKSAR Government

    The objective of this service is to conduct a designated course now known as ‘Preparation for Principalship Course’, which is one of the three parts of the ‘Certification for Principalship (CFP) process for aspiring principals, according to the design specified by the Education Department now known as Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB) of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region. (ED02972)

Research Publications

  • "Balancing Stability and Change: Implications for Professional Preparation and Development of Principals in Hong Kong". Reshaping the Landscape of School Leadership Development: a global perspective ed. by Philip Hallinger. The Netherlands: Swets & Zeitlinger Publishers, 2003. pp.175-190.

  • "Language Proficiency Controversy: Touching on the Very Core of School Reforms in Hong Kong". Canadian and International Education vol.30 no.2, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2001.12. pp.89-108.

  • "The Relative Effects of Environmental, Internal and Contextual Factors on Organizational Learning: The Case of Hong Kong Schools under Reforms". (co-authored with PANG Sun Keung Nicholas) Paper presented in the Hong Kong Educational Research Association 2002 International Conference on “Globalization: New Horizons for Educational Change”, December 20-21, 2002. Hong Kong, 2002.12.

  • 《校園危機支援計劃. 校園法律 : 責任與疏忽篇》(與香港小童群益會, 香港敎育專業人員協會合辦),香港:香港小童群益會:香港敎育專業人員協會,2002。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies KNR1617 .L35 2002)

  • 《學校如何面對敎育制度改革方案的挑戰?》(與彭新強合編),香港:香港中文大學敎育學院:香港中文大學香港敎育硏究所,2000。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies LA1134.H6 P4297 2000 c.5; CC LA1134.H6 P4297 2000 c.2; CC Reserve 2 hours LA1134.H6 P4297 2000)

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