TAM Wai Ming Frank 譚偉明

Research Projects

  • Conceptual Mapping of a Locally-relevant School Violence-prevention Program
  • TAM Wai Ming Frank, LAM Yee Lay Jack
    1 April 2004
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Recent media coverage of incidences of school violence in Hong Kong reaffirms a well-known fact that anti-social behaviors of students are world-wide phenomena (Royer, & Debarbieux, 2003). Despite the proliferation of literature on this topic, no consensus has been reached in preventing or dealing with these thorny problems. In part, the complexity, types and origins of the violent behaviors vary considerably from case to case. In part, the socio-cultural contexts in which these problems arise defy some neatly devised categorization. All these raise the doubt whether some universal panacea will ever be found.
    In this context, efforts of conceptually developing a locally relevant violence-prevention program for Hong Kong schools become urgent. The present proposal represents the one of the attempts to undertake some conceptual construction by a mixed methodology of using both case study approach and a comparative analysis. Through a series of intensive training workshops conducted by the researchers in a targeted school, the staff will work out a prototype violence prevention program under the supervision and guidance of the researchers. This program will put into practice and its effects on students’ general behaviors will be observed and assessed. It is expected that through modification and revision, a more successful program of prevention will be created. This will complete Phase One of the project. Phase Two will begin with a few more trial of the developed program for schools running into similar problems. If effects are satisfactory, features of the programs will be integrated and organized into a locally relevant conceptual model for wider adoption. In the last stage, relationship between intra-school factors and students’ misbehaviors will be compared with models generated elsewhere. Findings should further enrich an area currently dominated by Western-specific information and data. (ED03496)

  • Consultancy Study on the Promotion of Parent Education
  • TAM Wai Ming Frank, CHENG Hon Man Roger, HO Sui Chu LAM Ching Man (Dept of Social Work), MA Lai Chong (Dept of Social Work)
    1 April 2001
    Education Department, Hong Kong SAR Government

    Understanding that parents are the earliest and closest mentors of their offspring and that their views, values and attitudes would produce great impact on children's development, promoting parent education has been accorded high priority by the Hong Kong SAR Government. The emphasis of the education reform on cultural changes and parental participation accentuates the urgency of the task.
    The (present) study is conducted to obtain information to make recommendations to the government on the contents, direction, policy of parent education as well as the mechanism to bring all community resources together for its promotion.
    The objectives of the study are as follows:
    (1) To take stock of how parent education is promoted in Hong Kong at present;
    (2) To find out the underlying rationale and focus of the organizations providing parent education in Hong Kong at present;
    (3) To find out the needs of parents with offspring from 0 to 15 years of age for parent education, including the contents, format, timing, arrangement, etc.;
    (4) To look for effective practices in neighboring countries which are adaptable in Hong Kong; and
    (5) To make recommendations, based on the findings of the study, on the contents, direction, policy of parent education as well as the mechanism to bring all community resources together for its promotion. (SS20015)

  • Consultancy Study on the Promotion of Parent Education for Economically Disadvantaged and Hard-to-Reach Families in Hong Kong
  • LAM Ching Man, TAM Wai Ming Frank (Educational Administration & Policy), LEUNG Tse Fong Terry
    1 March 2006
    Commission on Poverty, HKSAR

    The study explores policies for supporting economically disadvantaged and hard-to-reach families in Hong Kong. Given the crucial role of family and parenting in child development, it is important to ensure that policies for tackling poverty should take the special circumstances of economically disadvantaged families into consideration. The objectives of the study are: (1) to review on how parent education is conducted in Hong Kong by schools, government clinics, and social services agencies, with a focus on economically disadvantaged and hard-to-reach families; (2) to identify the needs of hard-to-reach parents with offspring from 0 to 15 years of age for parent education; (3) to make recommendations, based on the findings of the study, on the possible ways to support the parents in performance of their parenting role, and the contents, modes of delivery, structure of parent education for economically disadvantaged and hard-to-reach parents. (SS05306)

  • Perception Survey on Changes in Teaching and Learning as Well as Student Performance in Secondary Schools Subsequent to the Reform of the Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System
  • TAM Wai Ming Frank, LAI Man Hong, LAM Ka Ka
    1 March 2003
    Education & Manpower Bureau, HKSAR Government

    As recommended by the Education Commission in its Report on Reform Proposals for the Education System in Hong Kong published in 2000, a short-term SSPA mechanism has been introduced as from the 2000/01 school year. The major features of the short-term mechanism include abolition of the Academic Aptitude Test (AAT), using the average of each primary school’s AAT results in the past three years to scale students’ school internal assessment results for the purpose of determining their allocation bands, reduction of the allocation bands from 5 to 3 and increase of the percentage of Secondary One discretionary places from 10 to 20. the short-term SSPA mechanism was intended to enable the various stakeholders in the education sector such as school heads, teachers, students, parents to adapt to the changes and to enable to Government to learn from the experiences gained from the early stage of implementation of the short-term SSPA mechanism to review and refine the SSPA System. In order to assess the perception of the stakeholders on the short-term mechanism, the Government has appointed the Chinese University of Hong Kong to conduct a “Perception Survey on Changes in Teaching and Learning as well as Student Performance in Secondary Schools Subsequent to the Reform of the Secondary School Places Allocation System”. (ED02907)

  • A Study of the Motivational Structure of Primary Schools in Hong Kong
  • TAM Wai Ming Frank
    1 November 2000
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Since the implementation of compulsory education in Hong Kong in 1975, the Hong Kong Government has been taking the responsibility of financing public sector education, from primary school up to university. According to the statistics provided to the public, there are over 22,000 teachers serving in Government, Aided and private primary schools. Remuneration and up-grading of teachers have taken up a significant portion of the Government's expenditure in education. As one of the measures to upgrade the teaching force in primary schools, the Government accepted the Education Commission's recommendation in its Report No. 5 in 1992 that about 35% of the primary school teaching posts should be upgraded to graduate level by 2007. Later, this target date was further advanced to 2002 in the 1997 Policy Address. This policy is deemed to have significant effect in attracting qualified candidates to join the teaching force and motivating the existing teachers in the primary schools, but it has also been criticized as being piecemeal and narrow in scope. The purpose of the present project is to study the motivational structure of primary teachers in Hong Kong and find out how their personal characteristics, the existing monetary incentives, staff development policies, organizational factors, etc., have contributed to the effectiveness of their work. (ED00550

Research Publications

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    (CUHK Library Call No: Available Online)

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  • "Community Partnership for Family Empowerment: The Hong Kong Model" (co-authored with LAM Ching Man). Paper presented in the Fifth National Parenting Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2002.11.

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    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies LB1028 .Y35 1996)
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