YEUNG Sau Chu Alison 楊秀珠

Research Projects

  • Conditions of Professional Practices in Hong Kong Secondary Schools: Does Subject Pedagogy Matter at all?
  • YEUNG Sau Chu Alison, LAM Chi Chung, MAN Yee Fun Evelyn
    1 April 2003
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    This proposed project is shaped by a broad question: What are the conditions of professional practices in Hong Kong secondary schools and how do these conditions affect teaching and learning? We plan to answer the specific research question of how subject teachers build on the strength of their subject pedagogy and how they find their subject pedagogy relevant to teaching assignment outside their specialization. In other words, we want to know whether and how teachers display different teaching styles in their own specialized subject and non-specialized subject. This close relationship between teaching assignment and subject pedagogy is crucial to the conditions of teaching effectiveness and quality in Hong Kong secondary schools. As teacher educators, we want to address problems of real classroom situations in Hong Kong and we believe a qualitative research methodology will allow us to engage in deeper reflection and thorough discussion. We therefore plan to observe, video-tape lessons by twenty teachers specializing either in languages and humanities, and then interview them on the relationship between teaching styles and “pedagogical content knowledge” they develop in different subjects. This exploratory study is our first step toward a more comprehensive research project on teaching effectiveness in Hong Kong secondary schools. (ED02988)

  • Heroes and Heroines in the History of Hong Kong and Modern China: Voices of Hong Kong Teenage Students
  • YEUNG Sau Chu Alison
    1 March 2001
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The project aims to re-think the direction of history education and to rejuvenate the classroom teaching of Chinese history in Hong Kong junior secondary schools. It will provide us with empirical evidence for a more grounded discussion on the role of Chinese history in the transmission of political knowledge and formation of national identity, which was resulted from the holistic review of school curriculum proposed by the Curriculum Development Council in Oct 1999.
    Based on a belief that students are interested in how the present-day Hong Kong has been evolved from a fishing village in the last hundred year, this project has designed an innovative junior secondary Chinese history curriculum framework for experimentation in a collaborating school. The S1 curriculum will focus on how historical figures shaped the course of history of Hong Kong and modern China. The S2 curriculum will trace the origins of civilization through archaeological finds. S3 curriculum will work with the notion of change and continuity in imperial China. The experimentation will contribute to further discussion and wider dissemination of alternative approaches to Chinese history. This school-based Chinese history curriculum also includes activities so that the voices of S1 students on how they understand the historical figures crucial to the history of Hong Kong and Modern China can be taped. (ED00570)

  • Making Personal and Critical Connections to History: A Reading Research Project in Hong Kong Secondary
  • YEUNG Sau Chu Alison
    2 March 2002
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    This proposed research is guided by a major question of how Hong Kong secondary school students can break away from thin textbook coverage by making more personal and critical connections to history through reading multiple sources. This qualitative research is inspired by a growing amount of research projects in English speaking regions where text-centered and source-based history has been introduced to enhance the level of critical literacy in history instruction. In order to study the effects of reading history fiction and non fiction in the development of historical understanding, this exploratory study will adopt an empirical research method. That includes a survey of library holdings of 15 participating schools, interviews of teachers and students, and textual analysis of reading reports collected from a summer reading scheme. It is hoped that this project will serve as a ground work for further research on the use of multiple sources both inside and outside history classrooms in the development of historical thinking among teachers and students in Hong Kong. (ED01357) /span>

Research Publications

  • "Making Personal and Critical Connections to History: How Subject-based Reading Enhances Learning in Hong Kong Secondary Schools". Paper presented in the Hong Kong Educational Research Association 2002 International Conference on "Globalization: New Horizons for Educational Change", December 20-21, 2002, organized by The Hong Kong Educational Research Association; Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Hong Kong Teachers' Centre, p.AB257. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 2002.12.20.

  • <90年代教科書—告訴我們什麼樣的香港故事?>,《中學歷史教學參考》 第3期,頁4-6,中國西安: 陝西師範大學雜誌社,1999。

  • 《老師談敎學. 歷史敎學篇》,香港:中華書局(香港)有限公司,2003。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies DS734.95 .L36 2003 c.2; CC Reserve 4 hours DS734.95 .L36 2003)

  • <香港九七前後的歷史課程改革> ,《課程研究(季刊)》 第1期,頁27-28,中國北京:中央教育科學研究所,1999。

  • <尋找本土的故事:香港教師的歷史觀> ,《教育學報》 第30卷 第2期,頁41-62,香港特別行政區:香港中文大學教育學院香港教育研究所,2002.12。

  • <歷史思維與對話—香港史初中課程的實施情況>. 《歷史教學問題(雙月刊)》 第4期,頁64及36,中國上海:華東師範大學,1999。
    (CUHK Library Call No: CC Periodical D1.L52 1999)

  • <歷史教師的歷史觸覺——請聽我心中的香港故事>. 《澳門大學學術研討會論文之四跨世紀學科教育—中國語文、歷史與地理教學研討會論文集》 頁157-166,澳門:澳門大學教育學院/澳門教育暨青年局/澳門大學澳門研究中心, 2000。

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