WU Kam Wah

Research Projects

  • Consultancy Study on the Status and Development of Hong Kong Education City Limited
  • LEE Chi Kin John, WU Kam Wah
    1 January 2003
    Hong Kong Education City Limited

    The aims of the consultancy study are:
    (1) To collect and assess various stakeholders’ views related to the usefulness and effectiveness of the HK Education City web-site as an IT (information technology) for education platform; and
    (2) To provide indicative pointers and suggestions for the further development of the HK Education City based on literature review and analyses of results obtained above.
    Literature review, surveys for teachers, students and parents as well as focus group interviews will be conducted. (ED02515)

  • Professional Enhancement Programme on Environmental Education for Primary School Teachers
  • LEE Chi Kin John, WU Kam Wah, LAM Kin Che (Dept of Geography & Resource Management), SIU Lai Ping Teresa, YIP Din Yan, FUNG Yee Wang (Faculty Office of Education), MAK CHAN Shuk Yin, CHUI Ching Ying, LAI Man Hong (Dept of Educational Administration & Policy), LAM Wing Po (Ctr For University & School Partnership), MA Hing Tong (Faculty Office of Education), TANG Yiu Nam, CHEUNG Tsui Man (Faculty Office of Education)#, Tang Mei Sin*, LAI Tak Fai Larry*, Prof Moira Chan-Yeung*, Dr Daniella TILBURY*, WONG Hin Wah
    1 December 2001
    Education Department, Hong Kong SAR Government

    This project aims at providing a pioneering professional enhancement programme on environmental education for the Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Department, HKSAR. The aims of the project are:
    (1) To empower teachers to become curriculum leaders in environmental education with a view to enhancing their competency and confidence to develop school-based curriculum programmes relating to environmental education in the context of moral and civic education;
    (2) To enhance teachers’ motivation, capacity and skills in using the life event approach; and
    (3) To develop teachers’ action research skills. The project team will develop web-based self-access materials and provide face-to-face sessions including seminars, workshops, field studies and laboratory work. Participants are required to submit an action research report. Assessment of the participants will also be conducted upon the completion of the programme. (ED01686)<

* Name of external researcher
# Name of staff who has left the University