LIN Mei Yi 練美兒

Research Projects

  • Creative Media/Artistic Education for Culture/Media Industries: A Comparative Policy Study of Korea, Hong Kong, China and Singapore
  • LIN Mei Yi
    1 October 2005
    Asia-Pacific Educational Policy Research Initiative/Korean Educational Development Institute

    The proposed study responds to the increasing importance of the culture and media industries in national economic and cultural developments in Asian Pacific countries. In contrast to the Hong Kong cinema industry which is faced with its worst winter in 2004, the media industries in South Korea and Mainland China are reaping steady success. One important and under-investigated area is the role played by the development and accumulation of human resources and cultural capital linked to cultural education policies in the development of a nation.s culture and media industries; i.e., cultural capital and creative media/artistic education are needed to groom a nation of sophisticated creative culture/media workers as well as highly culturally literate consumers to sustain the continuous development of these highly value-added culture and creative media industries. (ED05945)

  • Developing and Conducting a Review into the Support Services Offered to Schools
  • WONG Hin Wah, LIN Mei Yi, MAK CHAN Shuk Yin, NG Mau Yuen Eric, LAU Kit Ling
    1 February 2006
    Education and Manpower Bureau, HKSAR Government

    To strengthen the professional capacity of the language teachers, SCOLAR recommended the setting up of a task force to provide support to schools. This task force of experienced teachers and language experts was to focus on supporting schools to implement curriculum reform, with particular respect to language learning and teaching. This project is to evaluate the effectiveness of the support services offered by the Task Force on Language Support to primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. The objectives of the study are (a) to review the effectiveness of support provided to schools by the Task Force; (b) to identify critical factors at the system level which lead to various changes including positives ones; (c) to assess and track improvements in various domains and (d) to identify practices and conceptualize the multiple factors that contributed to these performances. (ED05535)

  • English Language Teaching Rap Ambassadors Programme
  • LIN Mei Yi, CONIAM David
    1 February 2007
    Language Fund, Standing Committee on Language Education & Research, HKSAR Government

    ELT Rap in Town: An Innovative ELT Project (Dec 5, 2006)
    Workshop One (Centralized): ELT Rap
    - Hip-hop culture and the components (MC-ing, breaking, graffiti, DJ-ing)
    - Importance of timing in ELT Rap, i.e. rhythm and beats
    - Basic phonics (letter-sound relationship, phonemic awareness, 26 letter sounds, vowels and consonants)
    - Importance of rhyming in ELT Rap, i.e. rhyming techniques
    Workshop Two (School-based): English Rap Lyrics Creation
    - Sampling of existing poems, riddles, idioms, song lyrics
    - Introducing poetic metaphors, synonyms, antonyms, metonyms, acronyms, figures of speech
    - Applying repetition, substitution and other techniques in the creation of lyrics based on unique features of schools and students
    Workshop Three (Centralized): Showcase
    - Appreciate classic hip-hop rap lyrics, e.g. “Rapper’s Delight”
    - Interact with artists to obtain feedback on students’ rap lyrics and rapping techniques
    - Showcase students’ learning outcomes Project Synopsis
    The “ELT Rap in Town” project integrates rap lyrics, hip hop music and language arts as means for promoting Englih language acquisiton among teenagers. The proposed activities for English Festival 2007 organized by SCOLAR include teacher workshops, student workshops and production of audio-visual teaching pack, as well as an interactive website for all secondary school students and teachers in Hong Kong. (ED06332)

Research Publications

  • Bilingual education : Southeast Asian perspectives. (co-authored with Evelyn Y. F. Man, foreword by Jim Cummins) Hong Kong : Hong Kong University Press, 2009.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies LC201.7.A78 L55 2009; CC General Education LC201.7.A78 L55 2009 c.2)

  • Classroom interactions as cross-cultural encounters : native speakers in EFL lessons. (co-authored with Jasmine C.M. Luk) Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2007.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies PE1130.C4 L85 2007 c.2; CC PE1130.C4 L85 2007; UC Special Language Collection PE1130.C4 L85 2007 c.3)

  • Doing-English-lessons in secondary schools in Hong Kong : a sociocultural and discourse analytic study. 1996.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies PE1068.H6 L55 1996 c.2; CC PE1068.H6 L55 1996)

  • English language critical literature review : first and/or second language as a medium of instruction : Language Fund Project (E/07/98-1) confidential report. (co-authored with Evelyn Man) Hong Kong : Standing Committee on Language Education and Research, 1999.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Gov Document LC201.5 .L55 1999)

  • Intrinsic motivation and second language attainment : a first report on a survey of tertiary students in Hong Kong.Hong Kong : City Polytechnic of Hong Kong, 1991.
    (CUHK Library Call No: CC PE1128.A2 R36 no.9)

  • Language and education in postcolonial Hong Kong / edited by David C.S. Li, Angel Lin, Wai King Tsang. (co-authored with Li Chu Cheng and Zeng Huiqiong ) Hong Kong : Linguistic Society of Hong Kong, 2000.
    (CUHK Library Call No: CC Reserve 1 day LC201.7.H6 L36 2000)

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