MAK CHAN Shuk Yin 麥陳淑賢

Research Projects

  • Developing and Conducting a Review into the Support Services Offered to Schools
  • WONG Hin Wah, LIN Mei Yi, MAK CHAN Shuk Yin, NG Mau Yuen Eric, LAU Kit Ling
    1 February 2006
    Education and Manpower Bureau, HKSAR Government

    To strengthen the professional capacity of the language teachers, SCOLAR recommended the setting up of a task force to provide support to schools. This task force of experienced teachers and language experts was to focus on supporting schools to implement curriculum reform, with particular respect to language learning and teaching. This project is to evaluate the effectiveness of the support services offered by the Task Force on Language Support to primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. The objectives of the study are (a) to review the effectiveness of support provided to schools by the Task Force; (b) to identify critical factors at the system level which lead to various changes including positives ones; (c) to assess and track improvements in various domains and (d) to identify practices and conceptualize the multiple factors that contributed to these performances. (ED05535)

  • Development of Language Across the Curriculum for English-medium Education
  • MAN Yee Fun Evelyn, CONIAM David, CHUN Ka Wai Cecilia, MAK CHAN Shuk Yin
    4 April 2004
    Education & Manpower Bureau, HKSAR Government

    This project aims to explore how language across the curriculum (LAC) can be more effectively implemented in English-medium (EMI) schools in Hong Kong through professional development of both English teachers and subject content teachers. Based on a teacher development course “ESL in the Mainstream” developed in South Australia, the project seeks to research and evaluate how a peer training and sharing model of teacher development can enhance the delivery skills of English and subject content teachers, improve their teaching strategies and affect the curriculum and culture of an English-medium school. The project seeks to identify the conditions necessary for the successful implementation of a language across the curriculum approach in school, with the aim of making policy recommendations for promoting such an approach in local EMI classrooms. In addition, the project aims to make recommendations for the development of a structured teacher education programme that would enhance teaching and learning effectiveness for English-medium education. (ED03854)

  • Export Potential of Hong Kong Education Services
  • HUNG Fan Sing, SHIVE Glenn Landes, DIU Chin Kee (School of Continuing and Professional Studies), WANG Xiaohua*, CHUI Ching Ying (Curriculum & Instruction), MAK CHAN Shuk Yin (Curriculum & Instruction)
    1 August 2004
    Hong Kong Trade Development Council

    This study aims to assess the export potential of Kong Kong’s education services on a commercial basis, particularly with mainland China as the primary market and with higher education as the primary export of education services, while recognizing the competition from other education-exporting economies. The exports can be in the form of establishing schools or offering educational courses/programmes in markets outside Hong Kong (outbound mode) or enrolling non-resident students to study in Hong Kong’s educational institutions, schools and universities (inbound mode). The study also aims to recommend marketing priorities and strategies for Hong Kong as a whole and education services providers in particular in promoting Hong Kong’s exports of education services. Policy recommendations and institutional adjustments will also be made based on the findings of the study. The study is significant to the future development of Hong Kong in terms of the importance of education exports to the economy as a whole, the development opportunities of the education sector in Hong Kong, and the international importance of Hong Kong in the educational and cultural exchange.
    Specific research questions to be addressed in this study include the competitive advantages and disadvantages of Hong Kong’s exports of education services on a commercial basis; the student profiles of the potential market for Hong Kong’s exports of education services, particularly with mainland China as the primary market; the relevant, cost-effective marketing priorities and strategies for education services providers in Hong Kong; and the recommendations on policy and institutional arrangement of Hong Kong in promoting the exports. Methods of this study include literature review, questionnaire and interviews surveys in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Donnggong, and Shenzhen cities in mainland China, interview surveys in Hong Kong, and case studies in Hong Kong. Findings from these 4 methods of survey will be analyzed holistically, applying the SWOT approach and a 3-dimension (costs and benefits, short- and long-term, society’s and education services provider’s point of view) frame of analysis.
    It is hoped that the results of this study can help education services providers identify the potential market segments and formulate their marketing priorities and strategies, while making relevant policy recommendations to the government and promotion recommendations to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. (ED04382)

  • An Investigation into the Attitudes of Pre-service and Serving Teachers of English Towards the English Language Proficiency Assessment and Their Language Needs in the Training Courses
  • MAK CHAN Shuk Yin
    1 November 2000
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    This study aims at investigating the attitudes of preservice and serving teachers of English towards the establishment of minimum English language standards in Hong Kong. It also tries to solicit teachers' views on the test and task types included in the English Language Proficiency Assessment. A further aim of the study is to identify the language needs of these teachers. It is hoped that findings could contribute to the design of language training course so that teachers and in turn, the community at large, can benefit from these courses and the benchmark initiative. (ED00415)

  • Professional Enhancement Programme on Environmental Education for Primary School Teachers
  • LEE Chi Kin John, WU Kam Wah LAM Kin Che (Dept of Geography & Resource Management), SIU Lai Ping Teresa, YIP Din Yan, FUNG Yee Wang (Faculty Office of Education), MAK CHAN Shuk Yin, CHUI Ching Ying, L AI Man Hong (Dept of Educational Administration & Policy), LAM Wing Po (Ctr For University & School Partnership), MA Hing Tong (Faculty Office of Education), TANG Yiu Nam, CHEUNG Tsui Man (Faculty Office of Education)#, Tang Mei Sin*, LAI Tak Fai Larry*, Prof Moira Chan-Yeung*, Dr Daniella TILBURY*, WONG Hin Wah
    1 December 2001
    Education Department, Hong Kong SAR Government

    This project aims at providing a pioneering professional enhancement programme on environmental education for the Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Department, HKSAR. The aims of the project are:
    (1) To empower teachers to become curriculum leaders in environmental education with a view to enhancing their competency and confidence to develop school-based curriculum programmes relating to environmental education in the context of moral and civic education;
    (2) To enhance teachers’ motivation, capacity and skills in using the life event approach; and
    (3) To develop teachers’ action research skills. The project team will develop web-based self-access materials and provide face-to-face sessions including seminars, workshops, field studies and laboratory work. Participants are required to submit an action research report. Assessment of the participants will also be conducted upon the completion of the programme. (ED01686)

  • Provision Services for the English Enhancement Scheme
  • MAK CHAN Shuk Yin, Barley, CONIAM David
    1 September 2007
    Caritas Wu Cheng-chung Secondary School

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong is submitting a proposal to the Carita Wu Cheng –chung Secondary School in response to the Tender for the purchasing service for the English Enhancement Scheme. The main characteristic of this proposal is the adoption of a whole-school approach to develop a holistic and coherent plan of consolidating existing school resources and practices to ensure a significant and sustainable impact on student learning outcome in English. Under the whole school approach, it is designed to address needs and concerns of three major groups which form the skeleton of the school; teachers, content and curriculum, and students. Under each group, the Consultancy team will design a specific sub-system to cater for their individual needs. The three sub-systems are: a) professional development for teachers; b) school-based curriculum instruction and design; and c) students activities to promote their academic attainment. All these three sub-systems are closely knitted and formed the main structure of the language enhancement program in the proposal. (ED07595)

  • Provision Services for the English Enhancement Scheme
  • MAK CHAN Shuk Yin Barley, CONIAM David
    1 September 2007
    Caritas Chaiwan Marden Foundation Secondary School

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong is submitting a proposal to the Caritas Chaiwan Marden Foundation Secondary School in response to the tender for the purchasing service for the English Enhancement Scheme. (ED07902)

  • Provision Services for the English Enhancement Scheme
  • MAK CHAN Shuk Yin Barley, CONIAM David
    1 September 2007
    Caritas Chong Yuet Ming Secondary School

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong is submitting a proposal to the Carita Chong Yuet Ming Secondary School in response to the Tender for the purchasing service for the English Enhancement Scheme. (ED07990)

  • Quality School Improvement Project
  • LO Nai Kwai Leslie, CHIU Chi Shing (Curriculum & Instruction), WONG Hin Wah (Curriculum & Instruction), CHUNG Yue Ping Stephen
    1 December 2004
    The Permanent Secretary for Education and Manpower Incorporated

    The Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research was commissioned by the Education and Manpower Bureau to provide site based professional support for principals and teachers in Hong Kong commencing in November 2004. The title of the project is “Quality School Improvement Project” (QSI), the duration of the project is for five years.
    The QSI is a consolidation of the invaluable experiences from the Accelerated Schools for Quality Education Project (HK-ASP) 1998-2001, Quality Schools Project (QSP) 2001-2003 and Quality Schools in Action (QSA) 2003-2004.
    The QSI takes an integrated, interactive and organic approach in working collaboratively with the school practitioners. The goals are (1) to create an environment conducive to school improvement and to promote quality of school education; (2) to facilitate school-based development and provide students learning environment so that each and every one of them can have all-round and unique development; (3) to help schools transform into learning organizations, emphasizing teaching and learning effectiveness, in institutions where synergy and professional responsibilities are established. The objectives are (1) to help school develop an ever-going self-inquiry process with strong evidence-based knowledge and professional responsibilities; (2) to enhance teachers’ capacity through collaborative effort in promoting effective learning; (3) to advise, construct, design and implement appropriate and effective curriculum, action plans and staff development programmes; (4) to establish quality networks in system, key learning areas and personal level; and (5) to cultivate students' life-long learning interest and abilities.
    The QSI adopts the concept of “evaluation of”, “evaluation for” and “evaluation as” school improvement. (ED04743)

  • A Study of the Conception and Practice of Teacher Community as Sustainable Professional Development among ESL Teachers in Hong Kong
  • MAK CHAN Shuk Yin, PUN Shuk Han
    1 January 2005
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Professional development in form of workshop, coursework and teacher exchange has been practiced among teachers of English as second language (ESL) in Hong Kong as a way of improving the quality of teaching for a while. Yet, there have not been any systematic studies that examine how ESL teachers learn and, thus, make instructional shifts which help enhance student learning outcomes. Building on a reflective and collaborative model of teacher community, the proposed study aims to conduct focus group discussions among ESL teachers to explore the concept of teacher community as sustainable professional development. Specifically, it plans to uncover how important it is for them to share diverse teaching strategies and experiences in meeting the needs of students, parents, school administrators and policy makers under the current education reform. Views from serving teachers on the kind of structural or organizational arrangements needed to help establish a community of teachers will be gathered through a questionnaire survey. Participants in focus-group discussions will be recruited among students enrolled for Post-graduate courses offered by the Faculty of Education at CUHK and survey respondents will come all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. Information gathered will facilitate a comprehensive understanding about how ESL teachers define professional development, their experience and the process by which they translate knowledge into instructional strategies which is essential to the formulation of any policies that aim to elevate teachers’ self-efficacy in taking up and trying out new teaching strategies in spite of various human and structural barriers. (ED04621)

Research Publications

  • "The Summer institute—the Hong Kong experience". Chicago Area Writing Project Hong Kong SAR: Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, CUHK, 2008.06.24. p.1-5.

  • "Using wikis to promote authentic writing among secondary school students in Hong Kong" (co-authored with CONIAM David). Invited talk by School of Foreign Studies, Nanjing University Hong Kong SAR: Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, CUHK, 2008.04.17.

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