TSE Kwan Choi 謝均才

Research Projects

  • Images of Good Children: Moral Education Curriculums at Primary Level in the Great China
  • TSE Kwan Choi
    1 November 2003
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The growing concern over moral education in the Greater China Region (Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) indicates the significance and necessity of conducting a comparative, rigorous and systematic study of the current state of moral education in their schools. Since the Chinese language and social subjects are the major sources of moral education to students, they are selected for analysis with regard to the ideological bearing of the curricular objectives, scope, distribution of topics, differences in emphasis, treatment of pedagogy and assessment, and the composite image of ‘good children’ to be transmitted.
    The project will begin in early November 2003 and finish in late-October 2005. Document analysis as well as in-depth interview will be utilized to collect data for studying each society’s moral education curricular. This study aims to offer a detailed content and textual analysis of the syllabuses and textbooks of Chinese language, morality and related social subjects which are widely used in the primary schools in the four Chinese Societies.
    In light of a critical sociological perspective, the objective is to determine the very nature of morality represented and transmitted by the current formal curricular (syllabuses and textbooks) in the following aspects: 1) To examine the social, historical and institutional contexts for moral education curricular in these four societies; 2) To investigate the current objectives, contents of the formal moral education curricular at primary levels in each society; 3) To reveal the similarities and differences in the syllabuses and textbooks in terms of the very nature of morality.
    Based on these findings about the contents of the Chinese language and social subjects syllabuses and textbooks in the four Chinese societies, recommendation could be made for curriculum development and planning. (ED03776)

  • Moral and Civic Education (MCE) School-based Curriculum to Develop Students' Five Priority Values in Hong Kong Primary Schools
  • LEE Chi Kin John, TSE Kwan Choi (Dept of Educational Administration & Policy), CHOW Chiu Woo, KO Mo Lin Regina (Ctr for University & School Partnership)
    1 September 2003
    Education & Manpower Bureau, HKSAR Government

    The project oral and Civic Education (MCE) School-based Curriculum to develop Students’ Five Priority Values in Hong Kong Primary schools” is an action research project which aims to find out how primary schools in Hong Kong help students develop the five priority values through MCE school based curriculum.
    The foci of the project are:
    1. To identify the key factors in designing an effective MCE school based curriculum contributing to developing students’ five priority areas (5 p.v.) namely Perseverance, Respect for others, Responsibility, National Identity and Commitment.
    2. To trace the impact of the MCE activities on students with respect to how students develop the 5 p.v. through participating in these activities. In this action research project, it is envisaged that there will be a tripartite partnership and collaboration between the 7 primary schools, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB). (ED03418)

  • Research on the Theories and Practices of Basic Education Reform in Hong Kong
  • LEE Chi Kin John, TSE Kwan Choi (Educational Administration & Policy), LAM Ka Ka (Educational Administration & Policy)
    1 August 2005
    Institute of Schooling Reform and Development, East China Normal University

    This project is part of the Significant Project (重大課題攻關項目) in Philosophy and Social Sciences Research .Research on the Reconstruction of Theories of Basic Education Reform and Chinese Education. (基礎教育改革與中國教育學理論重建研究) approved by the Ministry of Education and housed under the East China Normal University in the Chinese Mainland.
    The project, based on primarily literature review of past research and analysis of policy documents, will focus on educational policy agenda, examine issues related to basic education curriculum and education reforms in Hong Kong, such as equity, democratic participation and diversity as well as consolidate experiences of school and curriculum reform projects since the late 1990s. (ED05593)

Research Publications

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