CHANG Lei 張雷

Research Projects

  • Indication and Prevention of Aggressive and Withdrawn Behaviours in Primary School Children
  • CHANG Lei, MCBRIDE Catherine Alexandra (Dept of Psychology)
    1 January 2001
    Quality Education Fund, HKSAR Government

    The purpose of this study is to:

    (1) classify different types of withdrawn and aggressive behaviors in Hong Kong elementary school children so that such a profile can be used to guide future intervention efforts beyond the period of this study;

    (2) identify behavioral as well as etiological correlates of these social-emotional problems and use indicators to monitor children's peer relationship and affect development for an extended period of time beyond the completion of this study; and

    (3) develop and implement a social skills training program for anxious withdrawn boys who are most vulnerable to falling victims of school bullying and aggression. If successful, the training will continue after the completion of this study. (SS20005)

  • A Longitudinal Study of Peer Relations in Chinese Children in Hong Kong and China: Instrument Development and Explorations of Social Withdrawn Behaviors
  • CHANG Lei
    31 December 2001
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    The proposed study will employ primarily quantitative methods to explore the processes of peer relations in primary school children from Hong Kong and China. Longitudinal data will be collected to understand how children and parents conceptualize and perceive different types of withdrawn and solitary as well as aggressive behaviors and how these behaviors are related to other aspects of children’s social-emotional development. One aspect of children’s social emotional development is the development of their communication skills and styles. These longitudinal data will help identify developmental predictors and outcomes contributing to the affect and social development of Chinese children. Developmental characteristics of the only children in China will also be observed and compared with the non-onlies in Hong Kong. (ED01339)

  • Standard-setting Study on Percentage of Students Reaching the Minimum English Competence to Learn Through the English Medium of Instruction
  • HAU Kit Tai, CHANG Lei, WEN Zhonglin (Dept of Psychology)
    16 February 2004
    Education & Manpower Bureau, HKSAR Government

    There are different methods to determine the percentage of students who are suitable for EMI instruction. The present research uses a standard setting approach to find the minimum standard and hence the percentage of S1 students in Hong Kong who can learn:

    (1) in English in most subjects (Math, Science, Geography, History, EPA), similar to those in the current EMI schools;

    (2) in English in Mathematics and Science;

    (3) in English in Social and Cultural subjects (e.g. Geography, History, EPA);

    Specifically, in several rounds of in-depth discussion using the Angoff’s method, parents and experienced teachers are asked to judge the minimum English competence required for S1 students in each of the above modes of instruction.

    In a subsidiary Contrast-Group standard setting study, teachers are asked to identify among their S1 students those who have the language competence at a level marginally above and below that required to learn in English for most subjects [mode (1) above]. Through the examination of these students’ performance in the HKAT, we are able to estimate the percentage of Hong Kong students who meet the minimum language standard to study in EMI schools. This serves to provide convergent information for the results from the earlier study using the Angoff’s approach. (ED03407)

Research Publications

  • Chinese, English and Mathematics Minimum Competency Standards for Primary and Secondary School Students in Hong Kong. (co-authored with Hau Kit Tai) Consultancy Report to HK Education Department, 2000

  • "Gender Role Egalitarian Attitudes in Beijing, Hong Kong, Florida, and Michigan." Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology (Bellingham, WA, USA: Western Washington University) vol.30 no.6 (Nov 1999), pp.722-741
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Periodical BF728 .J65)

  • "Marital Quality, Maternal Depressed Affect, Harsh Parenting and Child Externalizing in Hong Kong Chinese Families." (co-authored with Lansford E. Jennifer; Schwartz David and Farver M. Joann) International Journal of Behavioral Development vol.28 (2004), pp.311-318
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL BF378.S54 D48 1994)

  • "Setting Minimum Competency Putonghua Standard for Hong Kong Putonghua Speakers." (co-authored with Yang Zhiming; Hau Kit Tai; Ho Wai Kit; Lam K. P. and Wang Y. G.) Educational Research Journal vol.15 (2000), pp.301-316.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HKS Periodical LB1028 .E36; CC Periodical LB1028 .E36)

  • 《安全上學, 快樂成長 : 如何防止校園欺凌與克服社交退縮》與馮有方、王燕合著,香港:中文大學出版社,2004
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies LB3013.34.H6 Z43 2004; CC LB3013.34.H6 Z43 2004)

  • 《香港人普通話水平合格標準的釐定》與楊志明、侯傑泰、何偉傑、林建平、王渝光合著,〈教育研究學報〉第15卷,第2期 (2000年) ,頁301-316
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HKS Periodical LB1028.E36)

  • 《香港兒童攻擊性行為的個案研究》與黃明發、黎冠麟、陳玉華、郭愛妹合著,華人心理學報第1卷,第1期 (2000年) ,頁57-69
    (CUHK Library Call No:UL Periodical DS 701 .J69)

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