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Research Projects

  • An Investigation of the Human Resource Management Systems in Hong Kong Schools – An Exploratory Study
  • KWAN Yu Kwong Paula
    1 June 2007
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Although human element has been widely recognized in the literature as a crucial component in determining school success, a review in the literature reveals that there is a dearth of study on the topic of school human resource management. The result of a recent large-scale quantitative study on the workload of vice-principals in Hong Kong undertaken by the applicant reveals that, amongst many other things, “staff management' is the area to which the vice-principals have devoted most of their time and yet attached the least importance to the success of their schools. The disproportionate time spent by the respondents is also found to be a major source affecting their job satisfaction. As the main focus of the previous study is on the various work dimensions of vice-principals and amongst which staff management is only one of the many factors, the findings cannot inform more than the existence of an increasing workload in the staff management area. Therefore, it is worthwhile to initiate a research that primarily focuses on the increased workload in staff management and its impact on schools. Given that vice-principals are middle managers in schools whose “staff management” responsibilities often entangle with the human resource issues of teachers, this study attempts to investigate the Human Resource (HR) practices in schools from the perspective of school teachers and to explore the link of their perceived effectiveness of the system to their job satisfaction using a quantitative methodology. The project aims to achieve the following objectives through a survey on 400 teachers of much diversified background:
    a. to explore the current HR systems in Hong Kong as perceived by teachers;
    b. to identify the effectiveness of HR systems from the perspective of teachers;
    c. to investigate the link between the HR systems and the job satisfaction of teachers; and
    d. to provide guidance for school managers in implementing an effective HR system in schools. (ED06614)

  • The Missing Link - School Leadership and Student Outcomes in Hong Kong Secondary Schools
  • WALKER Allan David, KWAN Yu Kwong Paula*, CHEN Shuangye, PUNCH Keith*, DAY Christopher*
    1 January 2008
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    Although the educational reform environment in Hong Kong remains crowded, two key issues are never far from the centre of debate. These are the quality and place of school leadership and the improvement in student outcomes. This study is based on the premise that if school leadership is to hold real meaning it must be framed predominantly in terms of student outcomes, and it brings together these two issues for the first time in research in Hong Kong. Drawing on a current landmark project in the UK, and on previous research into school leadership in Hong Kong, the study investigates the complex relationship between school leadership and a range of student outcomes in Hong Kong secondary schools. Specifically, it will determine the extent to which variation in student outcomes –both formal achievement and affective outcomes – is associated with variation in how leadership is conceptualized and practiced. It will also determine both the direct and indirect influence of leadership on in-school factors and student outcomes. A mixed method approach will combine quantitative and qualitative methods to provide both a comprehensive picture of the relationship across Hong Kong secondary schools as well as rich descriptions drawn from selected case study schools. Outcomes of the research are expected to enhance theoretical understanding of school leadership generally and expand knowledge of leadership effects specifically in Hong Kong. Findings can be subsequently used to inform education policy makers and hold tremendous potential for future school leadership development programmes in Hong Kong. (CU07514)

Research Publications

  • "An investigation of human resource management system in Hong Kong schools". Paper presented in the Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association Annual Conference, 25 pgs. 2008.03.23.

  • "Positing Organisational Effectiveness as a Second-order Construct in Hong Kong Higher Education Institutions". (co-authored with WALKER Allan David) Research in Higher Education vol.44 no.6, pp.705-726. 2003.12.
    (CUHK Library Call No: Available Online)

  • "Vice-principalship in Hong Kong: Aspirations, Competencies, and Satisfaction" (co-authored with WALKER Allan David) School Effectiveness and School Improvementvol.19 no.1, pp.73-97. 2008.03.
    (CUHK Library Call No: Available Online)

  • "Vice-principals in Hong Kong secondary schools: their worklives and preparation for the principalship". HKIER Newsletter vol.23 no.7-8, Hong Kong SAR, 2007.

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# Name of staff who has left the University