LAM Ka Nei 林嘉妮

Research Projects

  • Subjective Meaning of Depression, Anxiety, Anger among Children and Their Help-seeking Behavior
  • LAM Ka Nei
    1 April 2002
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    News reports of childhood suicide related to worries about academic performance, childhood bullying and violence, and research findings of elevated scores on mental health instruments make evident that Hong Kong schoolchildren experience high levels of symptoms related to depression, anxiety and anger. This study aims to (1) increase understanding of children.s subjective experience of depression, anxiety and anger; (2) investigate children.s subjective meaning of help-seeking behaviors; (3) incorporate this information into a classroom-administered videotape intervention; and (4) evaluate the effectiveness of this videotape intervention in increasing appropriate help-seeking behavior. Stage 1 will collect and content analyze qualitative data from 200 students on how they experience depression, anxiety, and anger; how they perceive responses to their problems by parents, teachers and counselors; and how they would like to be helped. Stage 2 will integrate Stage 1 findings to create a videotapes in which children approach parents, teachers and counselors for emotional problems and receive help consistent with their needs and preferences. Stage 2 data will be collected from 200 students, 100 of whom will view the intervention videotape, and 100 of whom will view an attentional control condition videotape unrelated to emotional problems or help-seeking. Data will include (1) baseline student self-report of likelihood of seeking help for emotional problems, and (2) post-videotape student self-report at one-week follow-up. (SS01373)

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