LEE Ho Man Jimmy 李浩文

Research Projects

  • Project-based Learning with Learning Villages among Schools in the Mainland, Hong Kong and the USA
  • LEE Fong Lok, LEE Ho Man Jimmy (Computer Science and Engineering), PUN Sai Wing, IP Wai Hung (Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research)#, TSE Wing Cheung Alex (Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research)
    1 September 2006
    Quality Education Fund, HKSAR Government

    The project is to promote project-based learning among students in Hong Kong, Mainland and the USA by using a virtual learning community. In this learning community, students can role-play as villagers in different villages, each of which representing an interesting topic to be discussed. Within each village, any villager can build a house by initiating an issue to be discussed. Other villagers who are interested in that issue can go into that house to join the discussion. The more discussion within a house, the larger its size will be. Though students may be geographically separated, with this learning community, they can share their own experiences, and discuss with others. The role-playing and task-finishing motivate students and the reputation-gaining system continuously motivates students to achieve their best. The learning environment therefore provides opportunities for students to learn by finishing projects and to collaborate with others. (ED06996)

  • Virtual Interactive Student-Oriented Learning Environment (VISOLE)---Extending the Frontier of WEB-Based Learning
  • LEE Fong Lok, LEE Ho Man Jimmy (Dept of Computer Science and Engineering), LEUNG Yee (Dept of Geography & Resource Management), CHAU Kwai Cheong (Dept of Geography & Resource Management)
    1 December 2002
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    WEB-based teaching is one of the new directions for education. The approach aims at using the WEB, being a networked, anytime, interactive, high-capacity and content-rich environment, to enhance and facilitate independent learning and teacher-student communication.
    This goal has only been partially fulfilled since existing WEB-based teaching systems use the WEB more as a publishing medium, without utilizing the available immense computing power. In this project, we propose the Virtual Interactive Student-Oriented Learning Environment (VISOLE) approach to WEB-based teaching and learning. The aim of the VISOLE project is to study how the full functionality of the WEB can be exploited to help students learn from (near) real-life experiences and from social construction of knowledge. Students will learn directly from the immersion experience. Teachers, closely monitoring the progress of the development of the virtual world, can extract useful scenarios for classroom discussions.
    Briefly speaking, VISOLE encompasses the creation of a virtual interactive world modeled upon a set of selected and related subject areas on the WEB, and allows students to participate as "citizens" who take part in shaping the development of this virtual world. By involving in the VISOLE environment, students learn to analyse problem situations, devise problem solving strategies, solve problems and evaluate consequences. All these are considered high-order abilities required in this new era.
    We propose to construct a virtual environment based on the subjects of geography and urban planning using the VISOLE approach. The environment will be tested among schools in Hong Kong and possibly other regions. Results of the evaluation can be used to direct WEB-based research activities in the future. (CU02200)

Research Publications

  • "Computer Games in Education: A Comparative Study between Hong Kong and Beijing". (co-authored with SHANG JUNJIE; JONG Morris S.y. and LEE Fong Lok) Paper presented in the International Conference on E-learning and Games, organized by Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, 8 pgs. Hangzhou, China, 2006.04.16.

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