LEUNG Wai Han Maggi 梁慧嫻

Research Projects

  • Keeping the “Gypsy Kings” at home – An Inquiry into Hong Kong’s Geographic Advantages for Transnational Highly Skilled Labour Migrants
  • LEUNG Wai Han Maggi
    15 March 2004
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    In the age of intensified globalisation, world cities are in competition to attract transnational skilled labour migrants who are characterised as one of the fundamental flows (as compared to global capital flow) in the world economy. These migrants are usually depicted as educated, cosmopolitan, hyper-mobile and affluent. What are the important factors considered by these footloose labour migrants of diverse geographic, socio-cultural backgrounds in their choice of where to work and live? How is Hong Kong perceived according to these criteria? How can the public and private sectors improve the city’s geographic advantages and keep these “gypsy kings” at home in Hong Kong?
    This project aims to gain insights into the mobility patterns and migration decision processes among skilled labour migrants who are based in Hong Kong. Using a gender and identity approach and operated with a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research methodology, it seeks to explore the complex and contextualised nature of migration decision-making processes among transnational elites. It is hypothesized that migrants’ mobility is shaped by a wide range of political, socio-cultural, environmental and public health concerns beyond economics. Mechanisms that shape migration flows of skilled migrants of different gender, age, marital status, ethnic-cultural and geographic background will be uncovered. Furthermore, institutions and social networks that contribute in making Hong Kong another “home” for the transnational elites will also be examined. This in-depth empirical and theoretical investigation of skilled migrants in Hong Kong will contribute to the scholarship on international migration, world cities and transnationalism. (SS03967)

  • Study on a Sustainable Urban Development at Yau Tong, Victoria Harbour
  • CHAU Kwai Cheong, LAI Pong Wai, LEE Wai Ying Joanna, LEUNG Wai Han Maggi, SHEN Jianfa, YAU Tik Shan
    1 December 2004
    Main Wealth Development Limited

    Project Objectives
    Overall Objectives:
    - To conduct a sustainability study in order to make the Yau Tong Bay Development into a model for sustainability.
    Specific objectives:
    - To review the EIA report of the proposed reclamation and Yau Tong Bay Development in the light of sustainability concept
    - To develop sustainability framework and action plan for construction and operation phases of the proposed reclamation and development
    - To performance independent checking/audit of implementation of the sustainability action plan
    - To recommend any additional works for attaining the goal to making Yau Tong Bay Development a model for sustainability
    - Workshop Plan: We will prepare a workshop plan in liaison with the Client, including venue, programme, logistic arrangement, list of intended participants and key issues to be addressed. Briefing notes and presentations will be prepared by the Consortium and/or their consultants
    - Stakeholders Workshop: We will host the workshop at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and facilitate discussions and consensus building
    - Summary Report of Workshop Findings: We will prepare and circulate the finalized summary report to all workshop participants
    - Sustainability Framework: This will include the sustainability themes identified and agreed by the multi-stakeholders, the sustainability checklists for project implementation and the goals, actions and targets identified during the development of the sustainability themes.
    - Sustainability Action Plans for Project Implementation: Sustainability action plans for the implementation work packages during various phases such as reclamation, land remediation and development will be developed. The timing of this deliverable however is subject to the decision on the project implementation and hence cannot be determined at this stage
    - Independent checking reports: We will report on the success/failure of implementation of the action plan and recommend remediation if necessary. The submission schedule will be determined when the construction and operation programmes are better known. (SS04844)

Research Publications

  • ""Make Yourself at Home, Gipsy Kings!" -- Hochqualifizierte Migranten in Hong Kong". Conference of the East Asia Working Group of the German Association for Geography Trier, Germany, 2005.10.06.

  • "Who Cares? Managing the Family in Transnational/Transborder Space: Stories from Migrants in Hong Kong". Paper presented in the International Workshop on Asian Transnational Families. Singapore, 2005.02.02.

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