YANG Limin 楊立民

Research Projects

  • Learning Geography from the Space - Introducing Satellite Remote Sensing Technology to the Geography Teaching of Hong Kong
  • LIN Hui, YANG Limin (Institute of Space and Earth Information Science)#, PANG Yick Cheung (Institute of Space and Earth Information Science), WONG Chung Sze (Joint Lab. for Geoinformation Science), LAM Cheuk Fung (Joint Lab. for Geoinformation Science)
    1 July 2006
    Quality Education Fund, HKSAR Government

    This Project’s goal is to provide trainings, supports and to develop teaching materials (including Remote Sensing Data and Software) and free Internet-based Remote Sensing Resources for geography teachers to incorporate satellite remote sensing technology in the Geography teaching of Hong Kong. The target beneficiaries include the 10 partnered secondary schools in the first stage and 30 secondary schools in the second stage, and 370,000 students and teachers in long-term. The Project will produce a computer-assisted learning material using Satellite Remote Sensing Images and Software coving the subjects e.g. water quality monitoring; global climate change; rain forest, urban study, land use of Hong Kong; and land cover changes. (SS06964)

  • Provision of Service for Mapping of Distribution and Extent of Mangroves in Hong Kong Using Satellite Image Analysis
  • FUNG Tung, YANG Limin (Institute of Space and Earth Information Science), MARAFA Lawal Mohammed
    13 March 2006
    Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Dept, HKSAR Government

    The objective of the study is to develop a strategy for the mapping of mangal in Hong Kong using satellite image analysis. This strategy will make use of advanced remote sensing digital image analysis techniques to map out the spatial distribution of mangroves. SPOT 5 multispectral data will be used for mangrove mapping at vegetation level along the coastline of Hong Kong. A more detailed mapping at species levels will be experimented with high resolution Quickbird data in the Deep Bay area. The study will also make recommendations on future application of new remote sensing technologies for mapping and updating of the distribution of mangroves in Hong Kong. (SS05737)

  • Subcontract of 2004 Update of Terrestrial Habitat Mapping and Ranking Based on Conservation Value (Terrestrial Habitat and Ecological Baseline Database Reviewing and Updating Work)
  • LIN Hui, YANG Limin, CHEN Guizhu (Joint Lab. for Geoinformation Science)#
    4 October 2004
    Sustainable Development Fund, HKSAR Government

    Joint Laboratory for Geolnformation Science (JLGIS), The Chinese Academy of Sciences and The Chinese University of Hong Kong in association with Scott Wilson Ltd, has been appointed by the Sustainable Development Unit (SDU), Government Secretariat of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on October 2004, to carry out a study to update the terrestrial habitat mapping and ranking based on conservation value. Scott Wilson Ltd. is an international consultancy providing a comprehensive range of integrated planning, management, engineering and environmental services in the built and natural environments throughout the world. The JLGIS is an establishment between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) on the campus of the CUHK in 1997.
    The primary objective of the 2004 Study is to update the terrestrial habitat mapping and ranking for Hong Kong based on conservation value by using the latest available satellite and geospatial data as of year 2004. Specifically, the main goals of this study are:
    • To conduct a comprehensive study to update information and findings of the 2000 Survey and the 2003 Study
    • To update the existing TH&E Baseline Database
    (including the GIS maps in CASET); and • To maintain data integrity by carrying out remote sensing analysis using the latest satellite images, desktop truthing, and field truthing surveys. (BL04632)

* Name of external researcher
# Name of staff who has left the University