WONG Wai Ho 黃偉豪

Research Projects

  • From E-Government to E-Governance - A Study of the Impace of E-Government in Hong Kong
  • WONG Wai Ho, WELCH Eric*
    30 August 2006
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    E-government has the potential to significantly impact on governance through altering the traditional relationship between government and citizens. Many e-government studies often focus mainly on the technology side without examining its impact on governance and the government-and-citizen relationship. With a focus on Hong Kong but applying an analytical lens of comparative studies and global context, this study would like to examine how and why e-government impact on governance. Major questions examined include: (1) What are the perspectives and expectations of different actors on e-government? How do they weight and balance the competing values in public administration? (2) To what extent does e-government affect the governance of Hong Kong? What factors may explain the impacts, their intensity or the absence of them? (3) How do a global comparative context, plus the domestic context, mediate the effect of e-government on governance? Is e-governance in Hong Kong approaching a process of convergence or divergence in comparison with other countries and regions? The theoretical framework, methodology, and analysis of the project are built on a series of publications of the PI and Co-I in public administration, globalization, and e-government (Welch, Hinnant and Moon 2005; Welch and Moon 2005; Welch and Pandey forthcoming; Welch and Wong 1998; Wong and Welch 2004 and 2001; Wong, Welch and Moon, forthcoming). Project findings should improve the understanding of the evolving nature and impact brought by e-government as well as how different domestic context may mediate the generic influence of information technology. (CU06705)

  • Global Information Technology Pressure and Government Accountability: A Study of Bureaucratic Response to E-Government in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Countries of Major Regions
  • WONG Wai Ho, WELCH Eric*
    1 September 2002
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    To what extent and in what ways does the global information technology revolution affect the openness and accountability of public organizations in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and countries of major regions? Does government accountability, as measured by web-site openness, increase over time? This study will try to answer these important questions of whether information technology (or e-government) help enhance government accountability and to what extent does the domestic context, particularly the civil service systems, mediate this effect of global pressure. The theoretical framework, methodology, and analysis of the project are built on the three previous publications of the PI and Co-I (Welch and Wong, 1998; Wong and Welch, 2001a and 2001b). Adopting a model of the effects of global pressure on public bureaucracy (Welch and Wong, 1998) as the theoretical framework, this study combines two streams of research and sources of data – the Cyberspace Policy Research Group’s (CyPRG) comparative analysis of web site openness and Ferrel Heady’s (1996) classification of the major dimensions of civil service systems – to test hypotheses about how the domestic context, as relevant to the national civil service systems, mediate the effect of the global information technology (IT) pressure on government accountability. A total of 17 countries (including Hong Kong) of five major regions (North America, Western Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia) are included in the study. (CU02223)

  • Hong Kong and China: Political Linkage and Interaction
  • WONG Wai Ho, CHAN Joseph Man (School of Journalism and Communication)
    1 March 2002
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Although Hong Kong is governed under the .One Country, Two Systems. principle, there is no doubt that the linkage between Hong Kong and China has increased significantly in the years after its handover in many aspects. This research will conduct a public opinion survey to examine the political linkage and interaction between Hong Kong and China. There are two major perspectives we would like to investigate on in this survey. First of all, it is the comparison of the governing capacity or performance of the HKSAR Government and the Chinese Central Government. The second perspective the survey would like to explore is the role of the Chinese Government on the governing and the political development of Hong Kong. The first perspective is an important one in understanding the political linkage and connection between China and Hong Kong. These findings will inform us about the factors affecting the satisfaction of the public on the performance of the HKSAR Government and give the HKSAR Government useful insights on how to improve its performance and public image. The second perspective is on the perceived influence of the Chinese Government on the governing and political development of Hong Kong by the Hong Kong people. As the Basic Law only outlines the election methods of the Legislative Council and Chief Executive up to 2007, the survey will also try to look at whether the stand and positions of the Chinese Government will affect the views of the public on the political development of Hong Kong. (SS01448)

  • Public Administration in the Age of Globalization: Study the Effect of Interaction between Global Pressures and Domestic Contexts on Public Bureaucracy
  • WONG Wai Ho, WELCH Eric*
    1 November 2000
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    This project applies and further extends a framework developed by the two researchers for comparative analysis in which global pressures of information technology, global institutions and public sector efficiency affect bureaucratic change (Welch & Wong, 1998). According to this framework, global pressures are filtered through the social, economic and political systems that comprise the domestic context. In this way, global pressures are thought to cause indirect and direct bureaucratic change. While all public bureaucracies are believed to be exposed to global pressures, the degree of their exposure and the final impact on the public bureaucracy of each nation can be different. This project moves beyond the existing framework by further conceptualizing and operationalizing measures of the global pressures and the components of the domestic context. It will develop hypotheses and test them empirically. Case studies and quantitative analysis will be conducted with the guidance of the framework to deepen understanding about the effects of globalization on public bureaucracy. To keep the project manageable and make it feasible under the budget, the sample of countries for comparison will include mainly the western industrialized democratic countries, such as the US, and the major industrial countries in Asia, including Hong Kong. It is expected that results of this project will allow researchers to discern different generalizable patterns of bureaucratic response to and effect of global pressures. Findings also promise to help inform policy-makers and top level managers about how adaptive responses of other nations and localities are linked to specific domestic contexts. (SS00555)

  • A Study of E-governance in Hong Kong
  • WONG Wai Ho
    22 February 2008
    Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre

    The main objective of the study is to study the status and development of e-governance in Hong Kong, particularly its role in promoting participation in policy-making and facilitating better governance, and to provide recommendations for improvement. It can be further broken down into two sub-objectives: (i) assessing the quality and features of e-governance of the websites of government agencies of HKSAR Government, including policy bureaus and executive departments; and (ii) surveying the citizens to learn about their experience and expectations in using the Internet to communicate and interact with government in policy-making aspects. In attaining the first sub-objective, the study would set up a set of evaluation criteria to access the level of e-governance of government websites and compare the status of e-governance in Hong Kong with the level of other major countries and standards in the literature. In accomplishing the second sub-objective, it would study the importance of the Internet in Hong Kong's governance by exploring the characteristics and patterns of citizens' use of the Internet in their interaction with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSARG), in order to explore how best to enhance the quality and effectiveness of e-governance. (SS07986)

Research Publications

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  • Contemporary Hong Kong Politics: Governance in the Post-1997 Era. (co-authored with LAM Wai-man, LUI Percy and HOLLIDAY Ian) Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2007.

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  • "Exploring Public Budgeting in China and Hong Kong". Paper presented in the Strategic Budget Conference, organized by Universal Network Intelligence, Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, 2004.02.24.

  • "From a British-Style Administrative State to a Chinese-Style Political State: Civil Service Reforms in Hong Kong after the Transfer of Sovereignty". Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies Conference ed. by Richard Bush. p.31. Washington, DC, USA: Brookings Institution, 2003.08.01.

  • "Teaching First year Public Administration, Panel on Teaching First Year Political Science and Government in Hong Kong". Paper presented in the Hong Kong Political Science Association (HKPSA) Annual Meeting, organized by City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 2004.05.08.

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