Shen Xu Hui 沈旭暉

Research Publications

  • "Alternative Online Chinese Nationalism: Response to the Anti-Japanese Campaign in China on Hong Kong's Internet". Intercultural Communication Studies vol.17 no.3, 2008. pp.172-186.

  • "Decline of Hong Kong as a Showcase for Taiwan: The Rise and Fall of Non-State Actors in Hong Kong-Taiwan Relations" (co-authored with FUNG Chi Ching).Hong Kong Journal of Social Science Spring vol.34. 2008. pp.113-130

  • "Hong Kong-US Relations and the Response to Counter-terrorism". Journal of Comparative Asian Development Fall. vol.6 no.2, 2007. pp.311-336.

  • US-Hong Kong relations and the response to counter-terrorism.Hong Kong : Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2006.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL H62.5.H6 H62 no.179 c.2; UL HK Studies H62.5.H6 H62 no.179; NA General Education H62.5.H6 H62 no.179 c.3)

  • 《國際政治夢工場 II》,香港 : 上書局,2008。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies D863 .S442 2008 v.1; UL HK Studies D863 .S442 2008 v.2)

  • 《戀戰區選 : 2003區議會選舉研究集》,香港:ROUNDTABLE香港青年政策研究所:香港政策研究所,2004。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL DS796.H757 L4596 2004 c.2; UL HK Studies DS796.H757 L4596 2004)

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