Research Projects

  • Delayed or Indefinitely Postponed Marriage in Japan and Hong Kong: A Study of Never Married Women and Changing Social Values
  • NAKANO Lynne
    31 December 2002
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    This study examines women’s decisions to delay or indefinitely postpone marriage in Hong Kong and Japan. In Hong Kong in 2000, never married women represented 16.6 percent of women in their 30s and 40s compared to only 8.8 percent in 1986. In Japan in 1996, 20 percent of women were unmarried in their early 30s compared to only 7 percent in 1970. These figures are particularly striking given that the family has been the central unit through which women and men have negotiated their lives in the context of Hong Kong’s rapid industrialization. In Japan, a stable and enduring institution of marriage has formed the basis of the postwar socio-economic system. Why are increasing numbers of women in these two societies delaying marriage? Are women rejecting the institution of the family? Or have the two societies produced conditions that have made marriage for women difficult or unappealing? By interviewing 100 never married Hong Kong and Japanese women, ages 25 to 45, the study seeks to understand why women are delaying marriage in the context of their societies and considers reasons for delayed marriage globally. (CU02018)

Research Publications

  • "Japanese Clothing Styles in Hong Kong". Paper presented in the Association of Consumer Research 2007, 2007.10.28.

  • "Japanese Fashion Magazines and Shopping for Identity in Hong Kong ". Paper presented in the Annual Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies, organized by Association of Asian Studies , New York, 2003.04.

  • "Single Women and Delayed Marriage in Japan and Hong Kong". Paper presented in the Annual Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies, organised by Association of Asian Studies. Washington D.C., 2002.04.05.

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