KOJIMA Yoshiharu 兒島慶治

Research Publications

  • "Comparative Study of 'Words Style' Among Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong: 1945 Words of the Commonly-used Kanji (Chinese Character)". Global Networking in Japanese Studies and Japanese Language Education, Japanese Studies and Japanese Language Education Studies no.1, Hong Kong SAR: Society of Japanese Language Education, HK Japanese, 2005.03.21 pp.50-58.

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  • "Comparison List on Fundamental Kanji Characters in Japan, PRC, Taiwan and Hong Kong, analysis between Japan and Taiwan". Paper presented in the The International Symposium on Japanese Culture & Japanese Language Education in 2004, organized by 臺灣日語教育學會,中日文教基金會, Taiwan, 2004.11.27. p.31-P.44.

  • "A Few Suggestions Toward Japanese Education of Hong Kong". Japanese Journal, vol.5, Hong Kong, 2001.06. pp.87-95.

  • "The Issues of the Teaching of Vocabulary in Japanese for Learners in Hong Kong - To Serve as reference for Succeeding Contrastive Analyses". Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies in Asia-Pacific: Current Trends and Future Directions ed. by Yuko Miyazoe Wong. Hong Kong SAR: Society of Japanese Language Education, Hong Kong, 2003.03. pp.50-62.
    (CUHK Library Call No: CC PL519 .I57 1999)

  • "Are There any Merits of Studying in Japan for Foreign Students? Doubts Projected by a Preliminary Survey of Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore". The 5th International Symposium on Japan Association for International Students Education (JAISE) vol.5, Japan, 2000.12. pp.151-166.

  • "On the 'Kanji'-Reader Class for Cantonese Speakers in Hong Kong: Some Comments Through an Analysis of Self-Made Teaching Materials in Department of Japanese Studies, Hong Kong Chinese University". The 1st Symposium on the Studies of Brunei-Japan Relationship and the Japanese Language Education vol.1, Brunei: The Association of Japanese Language Education in Brunei, 2000.05. pp.25-52.

  • "香港における日本語教育と今後の問題". Paper presented in the The International Forum for Japanese Culture and Japanese Language, organized by Tsing Hua University. Peking, China, 2006.05.27.

  • "香港の日本語教育と学会の状況". Paper presented in the 2006 Summer Conference in the Japanese Langauge Association of Korea, organized by Cheong Ju University. Korea, South, 2006.06.16.

  • "濁点・半濁点記号の歴史",《香港日本語教育研究》,vol.11, Hong Kong, China:香港日本語教育研究,2007.06,pp.86-93。

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