LEE LAI Annisa 李賴俊卿

Research Projects

  • The Change of Public Attitude toward the Image of China due to the Advertising and Promotional Activities of the Olympics (2004 and 2008) in Hong Kong
  • LEE LAI Annisa
    15 November 2004
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    A questionnaire of 22 questions (containing around 40 variables) will be designed by the investigator. The Telephone Survey Research Laboratory of the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies will call respondents until it gathers 1000 questionnaires. The population of the random sample consists of adults aged 18 or above who lives in Hong Kong. The results will be tabulated by the investigator. These 1000 Hong Kong residents of age 18 and above will be asked about their attitudes towards China after exposure to 2004 and 2008 Olympic advertising and promotional activities disseminated through mass communication channels. The most effective communication medium, category of advertisement and promotional activity to change the image of China are identified statistically. The analysis of the effectiveness of such a promotional combination will become evaluative tool for the upcoming 2008 Olympic promotional campaign to be delivered in Hong Kong in the next few years. More detailed analyses regarding the perceptual attributes of the changing image of China, affective and cognitive natures of the ads, and the most receptive demographic group will be conducted, using multiple regressions methods. (SS04961)

Research Publications

  • " In the Shadow of the Olympics: The Olympics Beijing 2008 Promotions and the Image of China in Hong Kong". Paper presented in the Association of Education for Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Convention, International Communication Division. USA, Washington, 2007.08.

  • "When Kentucky Fried Chicken Meets Peking Duck: Comparing Culture Representations of Global and Local Fast Food Ads in Hong Kong". Paper presented in the Fourth Conference of Media and Communication in Chinese Civilization. 2005.09.

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