CHYI Hsiang Iris

Research Projects

  • Examining the Economic Nature of Online Content: From the User's Perspective
  • CHYI Hsiang Iris
    1 March 2001
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The proposed study will investigate the economic nature of the Web as a news medium. The purpose is to examine plausible factors differentiating the feasibility of various revenue models for contentoriented websites. Attention will be given to how consumers perceive and assign value to online and offline content.
    A telephone survey of Hong Kong residents is proposed to closely examine the economic nature of online content -- how they perceive the relative value or utility of online content, and what determines their preferences.
    This study attempts to serve as the first step toward building theories applicable to online content consumption. The theory presented in this study will be supported by empirical data, and the data analyzed from a theoretical perspective. The goal is to contribute a new perspective to the study of online news and to provide valuable information to the industry to improve news services for online audiences. (SS00785)

Research Publications

  • The medium is global; the market is not: Exploring the geographic aspect of the online newspaper market [electronic resource].
    (CUHK Library Call No: Available Online)

  • "Re-examining the Market Relation between Online and Print Newspapers: The Case of Hong Kong". Paper presented in the International Communication Association Annual Convention, 2004.05.31.

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