LEE Ka Man Betty

Research Projects

  • Factors Affecting Environmental Behavior among Young Adults in Hong Kong
  • LEE Ka Man Betty
    1 January 2008
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Although Hong Kong aspires to become a world city in Asia, its environmental quality lags far behind its Western counterparts. Hong Kong, often being called “the city of stifling smog´suffers from dangerously high levels of air pollution, poor water quality, high levels of exposure to severe traffic noise; high levels of garbage disposal and rapidly diminishing landfill space. Hence, the purpose of this study is to identify effective factors in motivating Hong Kong young adults to engage in environmental behavior. Specifically, the objectives of this proposed project are: (1) to fill in the dearth of environmental research in the Hong Kong context; (2) to give more in-depth information about the current environmental culture of Hong Kong; and (3) to identify important factors that affect citizens’ decision to act pro-environmentally. The project will examine the predictability of both contextual factors (media exposure and social influence) and individual factors (environmental attitude, environmental concern, perceived seriousness of environmental problems, perceived environmental responsibility, and perceived effectiveness of environmental action) to environmental behavior. The environmental problems in Hong Kong are getting more and more serious. Past efforts and resources invested in environmental campaigns, promotion and education have yielded tepid response in the Hong Kong society. Thus, there is an urgent need to motivate more environmental participation among Hong Kong citizens. It is expected that findings generated from this proposed research to be presented in international conferences and published in journal and book chapters. (SS07732)

Research Publications

  • "Factors Promoting Effective Environmental Communication to Adolescents: A Study of Hong Kong". China Media Research 4(3). 2008. p.28-36.

  • "Important Factors in Motivating Adolescents to Behavior Pro-environmentally: A Study in Hong Kong". Paper presented in the 58th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, organized by the Contemporary Issues in the Intercultural Communication Session. 2008.

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