SIU Luen Wun Wanda 蕭鑾韻

Research Projects

  • Organizational Communication and Educational Reforms in Hong Kong
  • SIU Luen Wun Wanda
    15 November 2005
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Since October 2000, secondary schools have undergone organizational changes to adopt the reforms initiated by the EMB. Studying planned organizational change from a communication perspective can enhance our understanding of how changes are incorporated in the secondary schools of Hong Kong during education reforms, given that scant attention has been paid to adopting a communication perspective to study organization change in education. The proposed project will study organizational change and address the following issues: (1) staff members. sense making during organizational change; (2) the role of communication in the adoption of change. (SS05721)

Research Publications

  • "Enhancement of English Language Awareness: A Case Study of Education Reform in Hong Kong". Paper presented in the 9th International Conference of the Association for Language Awareness, organized by University of Hong Kong. University of Hong Kong, 2008.06.

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