LING Bing 凌兵

Research Projects

  • Regional Autonomy and International Rule of Law: The International Legal Status of the Hong Kong SAR under the One Country Two Systems Principle
  • LING Bing, LI Zhaojie James*, CHEUNG Sau Ha Deneb*
    1 August 2006
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    Modern international law envisions states as the principal actors engaging in international affairs and does not generally recognise regional entities to have separate and autonomous status. Under the One Country Two Systems principle, Hong Kong enjoys high degree of autonomy, which includes considerable powers and capacities to conduct international relationships on its own. This Project investigates Hong Kong’s practice on a select range of international legal matters since 1997, including treaty-making, jurisdiction, extradition and immunities, trade and commerce, human rights, environmental protection, and private international law. It will, on the one hand, demonstrate how Hong Kong’s special international status contributes to the development of international rule of law relating to the governance of regional autonomy of States. On the other hand, the Project will study the various legal aspects of the SAR’s cross-border relationship with the rest of China and thereby contributes to a better understanding of Hong Kong’s constitutional position in China. The Project will be carried out primarily through documentary survey and interviews with the relevant governmental officials in Hong Kong and China and will compare the Hong Kong experience with the practice of leading federated States in the world. The Project will be conducted in four stages through two years and will produce a research book or a series of journal articles. It will fill the void in an important area which has not been systematically studied since 1997. (CU06723)

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