LEUNG Mei Yee 梁美儀

Research Projects

  • Death and the Formation of Socio-cultural Identity - A Case Study of Chinese Permanent Cemetery in Aberdeen
  • LEUNG Mei Yee
    1 May 2003
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    This case study is an integral part of a larger research on the cultural significance o cemeteries in Hong Kong.
    In spite of the fact that a great influx of Chinese immigrants arrived in Hong Kong soon after it was settled as a British colony, the Chinese population rarely considered Hong Kong as a permanent home, and thus preferred to return to their ancestral home country before they died, or have their corpse or bones dispatched back even after death. On the other hand, the colonial government took little care of the burial problem of the Chinese, and throughout the 19th century, burial sites for the Chinese, though created, had not been properly laid out.
    Founded in 1913, the Chinese permanent Cemetery in Aberdeen is the first cemetery where a plot of land has been allocated permanently by the government for Chinese burials, of which a Board of Management, made up of recognized leaders of the Chinese Community has been created. Leading Chinese families, for the first time, took up burial lands in Hong Kong and thus symbolized their identification of Hong Kong as their homeland.
    The purpose of the present research is to reconstruct the formation of social and cultural identity of the Chinese population through their attitude towards death. A detailed investigation into the debates and negotiations in relation to the establishment of the Chinese Permanent Cemetery in Aberdeen will be carried out, and the major features of graves in this cemetery will surveyed. (AL02509)

  • Death in Hong Kong: Studies of Cemeteries and Burial Grounds in Hong Kong
  • LEUNG Mei Yee
    1 January 2002
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Burial grounds and cemeteries play the role of concrete manifestation of cultural values of a given society. The location of cemeteries and burial grounds, the forms of monuments raised on the graves, the way in which the dead being segregated, all these are keys to interpret the cultural values and attitudes of the society towards death. In the case of Hong Kong, this eminent fact has hitherto been neglected in the academic arena. Through an in depth investigation on the burial grounds and cemeteries of Hong Kong, our project aims to reconstruct the process of cultural change the society underwent as well as to apprehend its cultural hybridity in a concrete and tangible way. Through a systematic investigation on maps and historical maps of Hong Kong, combined with relevant documentary research, we will locate the places cemeteries and burial grounds occupied in the city during the course of its development. Were they marginal, central or subjected to removal, their location in relation to the urban space will be analyzed in detail. Eventual segregation by difference in religions, regional or social origins of the dead will be pointed out and interpreted in terms of political, social, religious and cultural factors. (AL01535)

Research Publications

  • "Heterotopia in Urban Space: A Microanalysis of Hong Kong Cemetery". Paper presented in the 2003 Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, organized by University of Hawaii-West Oahu. Honolulu, United States of America, 2003.01.13.

  • 《思光人物論集》(勞思光著、梁美儀編),香港:靑文書屋,1997。
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  • 《家 : 香港公屋四十五年》 From shelter to home : 45 years of public housing development in Hong Kong (英文翻譯內文:趙茱莉),香港:香港房屋委員會,1999。
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  • 《專業交叉點 : 專業倫理的理念與實行》(與文思慧合編),香港:靑文書屋,2000。
    (CUHK Library Call No: NA BJ1725 .C48 2000)

  • 《凝視死亡 : 死與人間的多元省思》(與張燦輝合編),香港:中文大學出版社,2005。
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