HOYAN Hang Fung Carole 何杏楓

Research Projects

  • Eileen Chang (Zhang Ailing) on Film and Television
  • HOYAN Hang Fung Carole
    15 January 2007
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Eileen Chang (1920-1995) is one of the most important writers in modern Chinese literature. Her works, enjoying both literary acclaims and a wide popularity, are adapted into various media forms, including films, TV series, broadcasting series, drama, and dance theatre. This “Eileen Chang phenomenon” is a topic worthy of detailed investigation. The aim of this research is to investigate the reception of Chang through the study of the film and television adaptations of her life and works. Topics to be addressed in this research include why and how is Chang adapted, and what does the adaptation of her works reflects on the reception of her as a modem Chinese writer. Since most of the film adaptations of Chang (four out of five) are made in Hong Kong and directed by Hong Kong directors, special emphasis will be replaced on the reception of Chang in Hong Kong through adaptations. The scope of investigation includes five films {Love in a Fallen City, Rouge of the North, Red Rose and White Rose, Eighteen Springs, and Red Dust}, and two television series (Eighteen Springs and The Legend of Eileen Chang). This research will approach the topic with an inter-textual perspective. Interviews will be conducted with director(s) and/or playwright(s), so as to trace the inter-media transformation of Chang’s text in a larger cultural context. It is expected that the outcome of the proposed project will be academically significant to the study of modern Chinese literature, and the inter-media adaptation of literary texts. (AL06699)

  • A Study on the Newspaper Literary Supplements of the Overseas Chinese Daily News (Wah Kiu Yat Po 華僑日報) of Hong Kong
  • HOYAN Hang Fung Carole, CHEUNG Wing Mui, WONG Nim Yan, YEUNG Chung Kee
    1 July 2003
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    The project focuses on the Overseas Chinese Daily News (OCDN) and involves two stages: (1) systematic and exhaustive documentation. We will build an archive of the Supplements and compile an oral history based on interviews with the editors and writers relating to the Supplements. (2) detailed analysis of the works in the Supplements will be analyzed from the social, cultural and aesthetic aspects. We will adopt the methodology of fukan xue (the study of newspaper supplement 副刊學), which constituted an established field of research in the Mainland and Taiwan (See Part III for references). As in Hong Kong, we believe that the present project will make a pioneer large-scale research of its kind. The results of the research will be published both in printed compilations and on a specially designed OCDN online

  • 劉以鬯主編《香港時報‧ 淺水灣》時期 (1960.2.15-1962.6.30) 研究 (An Investigation of the Literary Supplement ''Qian Shui Wan'' Edited by Liu, Yichang in ''Hong Kong Times'' 1960.2.15-1962.6.30)
  • 何杏楓 HOYAN Hang Fung Carole, 張詠梅 CHEUNG Wing Mui
    1 July 2002
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    本計劃以劉以鬯主編《香港時報‧淺水灣》時期 (1960.2.15 – 1962.6.30) 為研究對象,它是香港文學史上重要的報章文藝副刊,在推介西方現代文學與文藝思潮方面有重要作用,既培育了一批本地成長的年輕作者,影響更及於當時的台灣文壇。這個課題是研究香港本土文學文化不可或缺的題目。本計劃的目的之一,就是有系統地蒐集和整理副刊的各個欄目,編成目錄及索引;第二,本計劃以「口述歷史」方式做訪問,保存珍貴的文學資料;第三,在分析材料以後,將以論文形式發表研究成果,希望能夠對它有恰當的評價及定位。 (AL02719)

Research Publications

  • 《1979年以來中國短期訪港作家筆下的香港作品資料編目》(與盧瑋鑾合編),香港:「1979年以來中國短期訪港作家筆下的香港」研究計劃,2004。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HKS Closed Stack2 Z3107.H6 A17 2004)

  • 《香港話劇口述史 : 三十年代至六十年代》(與張秉權合編),香港:香港中文大學邵逸夫堂香港戲劇工程,2001。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies PN2876.H6 X5 2001 c.2; CC PN2876.H6 X5 2001 c.4; UL Rare Book Room PN2876.H6 X5 2001)

  • 《《華僑日報》副刊研究, 1925.6.5-1995.1.12資料册》,香港:香港中文大學中國語言及文學系「《華僑日報》副刊研究 」計劃,2006。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL PN5369.H73 H827 2006 c.2; UL HK Studies PN5369.H73 H827 2006)

  • 《《新生晚報》「新趣版」, 1945-1976資料册》(與樊善標及熊志琴合編),香港:香港中文大學香港文學硏究中心,2008。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies PN5369.H753 X554 2008 c.2)

  • 《劉以鬯主編《香港時報・淺水灣》(1960.2.15-1962.6.30)時期研究資料册》(與張詠梅合編),香港:劉以鬯主編《香港時報・淺水灣》(1960.2.15-1962.6.30)時期研究計劃,2004。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Oversize AI21 .X54 2004 c.3; UL HK Studies AI21 .X54 2004 c.2; NA AI21 .X54 2004 c.4)

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