Research Projects

  • The Establishment of a Writing across the Curriculum (WAC) Program at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the City University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • BRAINE George Stanley, MCNAUGHT Carmel Marie (Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research), RADWANSKA-WILLIAMS Joanna, SENGUPTA Sima*, HYLAND Ken (CityU)*
    1 September 2002
    UGC Teaching Development Grants

    Writing across the curriculum (WAC) programs aim to improve the English proficiency and thinking and reasoning skills of students by encouraging teachers of all disciplines to give writing assignments more often and more thoughtfully in their courses. A WAC program is needed at Hong Kong universities for English language enhancement because the short 3-year degree plan leaves most students with little opportunity to take writing courses offered by English Departments and English centers. By incorporating writing into courses in their majors, students will enhance their English proficiency while improving their thinking and reasoning skills. Interdisciplinary cooperation will occur and teachers across the disciplines will further benefit through the creation of a community of scholars committed to the improvement of teaching and leaning. The programs could serve as models for other universities in Hong Kong. The proposal describes the programs’ objectives and impact on the universities and details of how the program will be implemented, how it will be evaluated, and what follow-up action will be taken. (AL02699)

Research Publications

  • "Implementing Writing Across the Curriculum, (WAC) in Hong Kong" (co-authored with BRAINE George Stanley and MCNAUGHT Carmel). Paper presented in the 39th RELC International Seminar: Innovative Approaches to Reading & Writing Instruction, organized by SEAMEO Regional Language Centre, Singapore, 2004.04.19.

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