GU Yang 顧陽

Research Projects

  • An Interdisciplinary Approach to Cyberculture Research in Hong Kong
  • WONG Kin Yuen, CHAN Sin Wai (Dept of Translation), GU Yang, TANG Wai Lan Gladys, TSE Ka Ho*, YIP Choy Yin Virginia
    1 September 2001
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    As Heidegger pointed out, physics is indeed poeisis in the highest sense. Cultural theorization on modern technology (including of course information technology and the Internet), therefore, should be taken seriously, especially when Hong Kong is now aspiring to become a .knowledge society. in the near future. It should be readily recognized, that any attempt at catching-on with digital technology, be it commercially driven or educationally oriented, should root itself firmly within the arena of its cultural imaginary and creative potentiality. This research project responds rigorously to the obvious lack of attention given to the cultural part of the emergence of cyberontology, and proposes to face it head-on through an interdisciplinary approach to a study of cyberculture in Hong Kong. It is a pioneer effort to systematically collect relevant data, to render translated texts for school students, to linguistically analyze cyberdiscourse, to collate an English-Chinese Dictionary of cyber-related hybrid words, and to critically research on how best cyberculture as a whole can be introduced and promoted in primary and secondary schools as well as in universities through a careful design of curricula. Finally, it is suggested that an international conference be organized to consolidate and further develop the findings from the various projects proposed herein. (AL01267)

Research Publications

  • "English self-learning packages for Hong Kong New Arrival Children: a case of developing learner autonomy." (co-authored with TANG Wai Lan Gladys) Paper presented in the Annual Research Forum, organized by Linguistic Society of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 1998.

  • "Events of motion and causation in Hong Kong Sign Language." (co-authored with TANG Wai Lan Gladys.) Lingua vol 117. no.7 (2007), pp.1216-1257
    (CUHK Library Call No: CC Periodical P9.L47 v.117, no.7-12; Also Available Online)

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