WONG Yiu Kwan 黃耀堃

Research Projects

  • Mok Man Cheung and Hong Kong Yue Dialect at the Beginning of 20th Century
  • WONG Yiu Kwan, TING Kwok Wai*
    1 August 2006
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    Mok Man Cheong (?—1917) had worked as a court interpreter, a comprador and a school teacher before moving into the shipping industry and later on becoming a ‘zhili’ at the Tung Wah group of hospitals in Hong Kong. In an effort to help his contemporaries to learn English as a second language, Mok introduced the sound-matching approach to tackle English pronunciation in his book, English Made Easy and it comes as no surprise that this English-Cantonese sound-matching manual was highly praised by A.W. Brewin, the then Registrar-General of Hong Kong. Sound- matching documentation as such is central to the studies of Chinese linguistics but unfortunately the importance of English Made Easy has for long been overlooked. It is the first book authored by a Chinese scholar to have noted the phenomena of Cantonese in Hong Kong. This research project will delve into the wealth of phonetic and vocabulary data contained in English Made Easy with a view to work out a comprehensive and accurate historiography of the multifarious changes that inform Hong Kong Cantonese, placed in the context of Chinese linguistics, and the myriad of socio-cultural factors that nurtured them. (CU06551)

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