FUNG CHU Hsiao Mi 馮朱小密

Research Projects

  • Teaching Materials Preparation for Learners of Putonghua II
  • FUNG CHU Hsiao Mi
    1 November 2001
    Shanghai Fraternity Association of Hong Kong Education Endowment Fund

    As one of the largest language training centers in Hong Kong, the Chinese Language Center has been engaged in teaching material preparation for learners of Putonghua and Cantonese to meet the growing needs in proficiency-oriented language teaching in today.s world. All teaching materials prepared by the Center are also made available to the public for the benefit of learners who are interested in improving their proficiency in both Putonghua and Cantonese. Currently, CLC is working on a project to compile a set of learning materials in Cantonese based on a proficiency-oriented approach. (AL01409)

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