KWAN Tze Wan 關子尹

Research Projects

  • Chinese Character Frequency: Hong Kong, Mainland China & Taiwan - A Trans-regional, Diachronic Survey
  • KWAN Tze Wan, HO Hsiu Hwang (Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research)
    1 June 1999
    CUHK Departmental Funding

    The foundation work of the present project was first carried out by the .Human Cognition Program. of the Research Institute for the Humanities, between 1992 and 1998 under the leadership of Professor Ho Hsiu-hwang. In 1998, a series of research reports (altogether 14 in number), including some statistical tables and various trans-regional and diachronic comparison charts, were compiled for private circulation (one set of these charts can now be found in the Chinese University library). In early 2001 when Professor Ho was about to retire, members of the .Humanities Computing and Methodology Programme. proposed to Professor Ho the plan of reprocessing and repackaging of the findings of his original project with up-to-date information technology (such as Perl, PHP, MySQL etc.) so that these valuable findings can be made known to a wider public through the World Wild Web. This proposal gained the permission and full support of Professor Ho.
    Frequency surveys of Chinese characters have been carried out in Mainland China and Taiwan for many times, bringing contributions to foundation education in the respective regions. In Hong Kong, however, this kind of research has never been undertaken to any reasonably large scale (excluding vocabulary frequency). The present project stands out therefore as an epoch-making one in this area. Furthermore, in terms of research methodology, the original project suggested the comparative concepts of .trans-regionality. and .diachronism., which are extremely innovative and useful in Character Frequency Research. In the process of reprocessing and repackaging old materials, the current PI introduced further methodological concepts such as .frequency disparities. (trans-regional freq. disp.; progressive and retrogressive freg. disp.) and .file entrance rate. etc., the aim of which is to bring the .trans-regional. and .dischronic. nature of the original project to full expression. URL: (AL98470)

  • An Internet Resources Project for Chinese Education
  • KWAN Tze Wan
    1 September 2004
    Quality Education Fund, HKSAR Government

    This project is a continuation of the earlier QEF-funded project on “Biliteracy & Trilingualism: An Internet Support Project”, which was completed in 2002 with outstanding results. This current project will focus on the production of a host of web-driven tools and databases dedicated to the fostering of Chinese language education. Important components of the project will include a series of web pages on the practical use of Chinese idioms, and another series of web pages on Frequency Counts of Modern Chinese Words and Comparison Charts of such words across different Chinese speaking communities (Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) and across different chronological phases (Sixties of the twentieth century versus contemporary age etc.) Owing to the totally unexpected popularity of products of the above mentioned predecessor project (QEF 1998/5073), some of its outputs need to be further updated so that they will remain to be competitive and be integrated with the new products of the current project. All in all, the project assumes for itself the solemn task to provide the educational sector of Hong Kong with a useful and practical platform of electronic tools to facilitate Chinese language education, by making use of the latest IT technologies. (AL04903)

Research Publications

  • 《勞思光教授》,香港:香港中文大學崇基學院,2001。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HKS Univ Archive B5234.L264 L358 2001; CC Univ Archive B5234.L264 L358 2001 c.2)

  • 《哲學與歷史》(勞思光著;孫善豪、張燦輝及關子尹合編),臺北 : 時報出版公司, 民國75 [1986]。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL AC150.L37 v.2)

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