WONG Kai Yee 王啟義

Research Projects

  • Informal Logic and Fallacies in the Chinese Context: A Study Regarding the Introduction of Liberal Studies as a Core Subject in Hong Kong’s Secondary Schools
  • LAU Chong Fuk, WONG Kai Yee
    1 March 2007
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The project intends to examine a series of representative articles in Chinese from selected sources covering topics relevant to the new Liberal Studies Curriculum. Based on a critical analysis of the arguments contained in the articles, a database for the evaluation of fallacies and exemplary good arguments found in the articles will be set up. The project has the following objectives:
    1. The extensive research on arguments in the Chinese context will help reflect on the specific cultural-linguistic conditions that may lead Chinese language speakers to commit distinctive types of fallacies. It will deepen our understanding of the “informal logic” in the Chinese context.
    2. The analysis will take the taxonomy proposed by Lee as a basic framework, but it aims at developing a more comprehensive scheme under a communicative-pragmatic framework.
    3. A database for the collection and evaluation of fallacies and exemplary good arguments will be set up. (If further funding can be secured, the database will be extended to become a web-based resource platform for the cultivation of critical thinking, serving both teachers and students at the senior secondary and tertiary level.) (AL06479)

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