CHAU Kin Lam Kenneth

Research Projects

  • Citizenship and Social Development in Post- Colonial Hong Kong
  • CHAU Kin Lam Kenneth, PUN Shuk Han (Dept of Psychology), WONG Chack Kie
    1 November 2000
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    Recent economic and constitutional crises have reminded Hong Kong people of their vulnerabilitiesthe weaknesses of Hong Kong as a player in the global economy and the barriers in her integration with China. This poses a threat to her social and economic development. The identity as Hongkongese - some sense of "citizenship" that used to be the basis of solidarity for Hong Kong people to tackle various crises during the colonial period, seems no longer applicable in understanding diverse and conflicting public reactions to those recent crises. This study aims to provide a deeper understanding about the concept of citizenship as an engineering tool for social development and help develop a reflective "civic professionalism" for human service in Hong Kong. Given the job nature and professional status of human service professional, like teachers and social workers, they should be able to help engender a "positive citizenship" within the general public. Firstly, the study will examine how Hong Kong people conceptualize citizenship rights and duties in relation to the power and capability of the government for social development through a household survey. Then, based on a participatory action approach, it will guide the professionals through focus-group discussions to explore new practice strategies by identifying the gaps in the knowledge and expectations between practitioners and clients given the findings from the survey. Lastly, workshops will be conducted for the professionals to evaluate, refine and disseminate these new strategies. (CU00351)

  • Public Perception on Social Welfare Policy in Hong Kong
  • WONG Chack Kie, CHAU Kin Lam Kenneth
    1 April 2001
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The Government has reformed the social welfare services in various areas with a clear intention to reduce the Government's role and her financial responsibility. On the other hand, public expectation of government support in welfare provision is mounting all the time. The telephone survey aims to explore further people's values or perceptions on social welfare development in Hong Kong. (SS00674)

Research Publications

  • "Prevalence, Role and Functions of Self-help Groups in Hong Kong." (co-authored with MOK Bong Ho; FUNG Ho Lup and NGAI Ngan Pun) The Hong Kong Journal of Social Work World Scientific. (Hong Kong, China: Hong Kong Social Workers Association Limited) vol.37 no.1 (July 2003), pp.87-96

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