WONG Chack Kie 王卓祺

Research Projects

  • Citizenship and Social Development in Post- Colonial Hong Kong
  • CHAU Kin Lam Kenneth, PUN Shuk Han (Dept of Psychology), WONG Chack Kie
    1 November 2000
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    Recent economic and constitutional crises have reminded Hong Kong people of their vulnerabilitiesthe weaknesses of Hong Kong as a player in the global economy and the barriers in her integration with China. This poses a threat to her social and economic development. The identity as Hongkongese - some sense of "citizenship" that used to be the basis of solidarity for Hong Kong people to tackle various crises during the colonial period, seems no longer applicable in understanding diverse and conflicting public reactions to those recent crises. This study aims to provide a deeper understanding about the concept of citizenship as an engineering tool for social development and help develop a reflective "civic professionalism" for human service in Hong Kong. Given the job nature and professional status of human service professional, like teachers and social workers, they should be able to help engender a "positive citizenship" within the general public. Firstly, the study will examine how Hong Kong people conceptualize citizenship rights and duties in relation to the power and capability of the government for social development through a household survey. Then, based on a participatory action approach, it will guide the professionals through focus-group discussions to explore new practice strategies by identifying the gaps in the knowledge and expectations between practitioners and clients given the findings from the survey. Lastly, workshops will be conducted for the professionals to evaluate, refine and disseminate these new strategies. (CU00351)

  • An Exploratory Study of Public Opinions on the Impact of Comprehensive Social Security Scheme in Hong Kong
  • WONG Chack Kie, TANG Kwong Leung, WONG Hung
    1 December 2004
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The project aims to identify subjective indicators of public opinions on the impact of the social policy on poverty alleviation and employment promotion in Hong Kong. The identification of these indicators will help policy makers to determine whether the policy is effective, on the basis of public perceptions, for achieving its intended consequences. It proposes to use 1,100 successful adults aged 18 and above as respondents from a randomly selected sample in Hong Kong. The key variables include the perceived impacts of comprehensive social security scheme (the dependent variable), the knowledge of the policy, individual needs satisfaction and value orientations (the independent variables) and personal characteristics (moderator). The findings are helpful to identify where the policy makers can work on to improve policy effective and enhance political legitimacy on the basis of public opinions. (SS04980)

  • A Preliminary Study of Social Risks and Policy Responses to Risk Management in Hong Kong
  • WONG Chack Kie, LOU V. W. Q.
    1 November 2005
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The proposed study intends to develop new policy ideas for meeting the challenges facing Hong Kong on social risks arisen from drastic societal changes in the context of economic globalization. It especially uses the notion of new social risks, underscored by the modernization paradigm for the welfare state to examine the relationships between changes in family, government and labour market and responses for risks management. It employs a research design by literature review, secondary data analysis and policy analysis to investigate whether or not social risks were matched by corresponding policy responses as suggested in the literature and policy documents. The study will enhance our understanding of changing faces of social risks in Hong Kong from the new perspective of a modernization paradigm; it will also provide ideas of whether or not the government had responded appropriately to the changing needs arisen from drastic societal changes. (SS05746)

  • Public Perception on Education Policy in Hong Kong
  • WONG Chack Kie, LO Nai Kwai Leslie (Dept of Educational Administration & Policy), TIK Chi Yuen*
    1 April 2001
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The education policy affects all walks of life and education is commonly regarded as the key to the success of Hong Kong society. In the last few years, education sector is flooded with many reform initiatives which have largely changed the landscape of local education development. Accompanied with these policy changes is a set of new concepts or values towards education advocated by the Government. Whether the public welcomes these concepts or values will affect the implementation of different reform initiatives. Besides, people's expectation of the roles of the different parties involved in education business, such as government, parents, schools, and so on will be examined in the telephone survey. (SS00627)

  • Public Perception on Social Welfare Policy in Hong Kong
  • WONG Chack Kie, CHAU Kin Lam Kenneth
    1 April 2001
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The Government has reformed the social welfare services in various areas with a clear intention to reduce the Government's role and her financial responsibility. On the other hand, public expectation of government support in welfare provision is mounting all the time. The telephone survey aims to explore further people's values or perceptions on social welfare development in Hong Kong. (SS00674)

  • Public Perceptions of Social Welfare in Hong Kong
  • WONG Chack Kie, MOK Bong Ho, WONG Ka Ying Timothy (Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies)
    1 December 2002
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    This project examines subjective social welfare outcomes, instead of state expenditures or social policy programmes, in the assessment of a welfare system. Social welfare, as a social policy ensuring the well-being of its people, has been confusing and has never led to clear choice-making for the people. Its meaning, intent and ideology are subject to interpretation and are the centre of debate for state provisions. Building upon prior research, this project is designed to systematically examine Hong Kong’s public perceptions of social welfare. We will focus on identifying a system of social values that underpins Hong Kong public perceptions and attitudes toward social welfare. We will also examine whether public perceptions are affected by social, economic and political changes, in addition to basic socio-economic and demographic variables of respondents. The project and the data it generates from a large household survey will be valuable to the social development of Hong Kong because public opinions are an important source of political legitimacy for social policy, social welfare and other state provisions. They are especially important in an era of change when timely information and empirically generated knowledge become the basis for new changes and new direction for social development. (CU02237)

  • A Qualitative Study on Hidden Elderly’ in Hong Kong
  • WONG Chack Kie, LOU V. W. Q.
    3 December 2007
    Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government

    The project aims to understand the conditions of the ‘hidden elderly’ in Hong Kong. It will conduct indepth interviews of ‘hidden elderly’ and related stakeholders such as service providers and advocates. The qualitative research approach should be able to reveal the perspectives of both ‘hidden elderly’ and service providers on how ‘hidden elderly’ should be best helped. Such knowledge and information are important to devise successful interventions that respond to the needs and characteristics of the ‘hidden elderly’ on the one hand, and the available services and networks for the ‘hidden elderly’ on the other hand. (SS07861)

  • Social Value, Societal Change and Perception of Social Welfare - An Extended Study of a RGC Project
  • MOK Bong Ho, WONG Chack Kie, WONG Ka Ying Timothy (Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies)
    1 December 2002
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The primary objective of this study is to assess the public’s perception of social welfare and social welfare outcomes, using a telephone survey approach. This study is expected to generate a set of indicators of social welfare outcome which will have important implications for social welfare policy-making. It will also contribute to a more systematic understanding of public perceptions of social welfare in Hong Kong, their underlying ideologies and the effects of societal changes on them. As an extended study of a RGC project, it will serve as a pilot study of the major instruments to be used in the RGC project. The findings of this study will be compared and triangulated with data collected by a household survey in the RGC project. (SS02624)

Research Publications

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  • The final report on a qualitative study of the recipients’ experiences of and attitudes towards the welfare benefit system in Hong Kong. (co-authored with LOU V. W. Q.). A report submitted to the Central Policy Unite, HKSAR. 111 pgs. Hong Kong, 2007.

  • "Governance Crisis in Social Welfare - Management of Public Expectations for Sustainable Social Development in the SAR of Hong Kong". Plenary presentation at the International conference on the development of social work education in the context of globalization: When East meet West., August 4-6, 2005. Beijing: China Association for Social Work Education et al., 2005.

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