LAM Mong Chow Amy 林孟秋

Research Projects

  • Experiences and Adjustment of Young New Arrivals from Mainland China: A Narrative Analysis
  • LAM Mong Chow Amy, FONG SOONG Tong Kou (Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research), TSOI Kcon Wah
    1 December 2000
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    Most of the existing studies on young new arrivals from Mainland China are quantitative survey research and very few have attempted to understand these immigrants' unique personal experiences in adjusting to their new lives in Hong Kong. In order to fill this gap in research, this study attempts to use the methodology of narrative analysis in qualitative research to investigate the migration experiences of the young new arrivals through their own stories. The major objectives of the study are:
    (1) to understand the experiences of young immigrants in their adjustment to the daily living in Hong Kong through their own interpretation;
    (2) to examine the meanings which young immigrants have constructed out of their overall migration experience;
    (3) to identify similarities and differences in the trajectories of adjustment of young immigrants who are identified as well-adjusted, moderatelyadjusted and poorly-adjusted; and
    (4) to formulate hypotheses about factors contributing to successful and unsuccessful adjustments of young immigrants.
    It is expected that findings from this study will enrich our understanding of the culture of the newcomers, their migration experiences, and the issues they face in the process of adjusting to daily living. Furthermore, the findings can definitely have significant theoretical and practical contributions to policy formulation and direct practice so that social services for young new arrivals from the Mainland could be more responsive to their genuine needs and problems. (CU00367)

  • A Pilot Exploration of Policies for Strengthening Family Functioning in Hong Kong
  • NGAI Sek Yum, TANG Kwong Leung, LAM Mong Chow Amy, LAM Ching Man, CHEUNG Chau Kiu
    15 March 2005
    Central Policy Unit, Hong Kong SAR Government

    This study explores policies for strengthening family functioning in Hong Kong. These include immediate, short-term, educational, regulative, preventive, remedial, developmental, individual-based, and community-based policies covering aspects of social welfare, immigration, population, and labor, among others. The primary strength of the study is that it draws on social work (front-line and supervisory) and social science expertise, particularly dealing with family issues. Such expertise guides the identification and assessment of policies in terms of their effectiveness and the feasibility of their implemenation. The study employs data and information collected from focus groups, a follow-up survery, and literature review to propose polcies for further examination. (SS04942)

  • Racial Discrimination in Hong Kong: Prevalence, Impacts and Coping Strategies
  • TANG Kwong Leung, LAM Ching Man, LAM Mong Chow Amy, NGAI Sek Yum
    20 November 2003
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Hong Kong, with its 6.7 million population, has witnessed a sizeable growth of ethnic and racial groups in the last decade. This study will examine the prevalence and impacts of racial discrimination in Hong Kong as well as the coping strategies used by ethnic minorities in managing the stressful effects of racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is an issue of growing concern partly due to its nature – violations of human rights, the extent of social costs as well as psychological impairments incurred to those who are affected. In this study, a survey of 150 ethnic minorities will be conducted, along with in-depth interviews of key informants. In addition, two focus groups comprising social service professionals and human rights activists will be conducted. The main goal of the focus groups is to explore policy and service action that is needed to deal with this issue. This study will be significant in several respects. Firstly, the issue of racial discrimination has captured the attention of the Hong Kong SAR Government, human rights activists and world community. Findings of the study will also be of interest to academics, social service professionals and policy-makers. Secondly, the survey would inform us about the ethnic minorities’ perceptions of the problem and their coping strategies. Finally, findings from this study can form a valuable base for developing into a large-scale opinion survey on racial discrimination in Hong Kong. (SS03405)

Research Publications

  • "Adolescent Chinese Immigrants in Hong Kong: A Comparison with Locally Born Students and Factors Associated with Their Psychologocal Well-being". (co-authored with TSOI Kcon Wah and CHAN Ting Sam) International Journal Of Adolescent Medicine and Health vol.17 no.2, pp.157-168. Tel Aviv, Isreal: Freund Publishing House Ltd., 2005.

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    (CUHK Library Call No: UL DS796.H7 O3 no.14; UL HK Studies DS796.H7 O3 no.14)

  • Caregiving techniques and pre-school children's development in Hong Kong families. (co-authored with Fanny M. Cheung and Betsy T.W. Chau) Occasional papers (Chinese University of Hong Kong. Centre for Hong Kong Studies) ; no. 29. Hong Kong: Centre for Hong Kong Studies, Institute of Social Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1990.
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  • Changing pattern of child rearing : a study of the low-income families in Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Social Work Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong in association with UNICEF, 1982.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HQ769.L54; UL HK Studies HQ769.L54 c.5)

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    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Periodical HQ793 .J68 v.7, 2004; Available Online)

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    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HKS Periodical HV1 .H68 v.37-39, 2003-05)

  • Racial discrimination in Hong Kong: Prevalence and impact. (co-authored with TANG Kwong Leung, LAM Ching Man and NGAI Sek Yum) Hong Kong SAR: CUHK, 2006.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Oversize DS796.H79 A275 2006; UL HK Studies DS796.H79 A275 2006 c.2)

  • Report on Pilot Study of Policies for Strengthening Family Functioning in Hong Kong. (co-authored with NGAI Sek Yum; TANG Kwong Leung; LAM Ching Man and CHEUNG Chau-kiu) Hong Kong, 2005.

  • Social work in Hong Kong : reflections and challenges. (co-authored with Shek D.T.L and Au C.F.) Hong Kong : The Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of Social Work, 1997.
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    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Periodical HV1.I5 v.65, 2004)

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