TANG Kwong Leung 鄧廣良

Research Projects

  • An Exploratory Study of Public Opinions on the Impact of Comprehensive Social Security Scheme in Hong Kong
  • WONG Chack Kie, TANG Kwong Leung, WONG Hung
    1 December 2004
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The project aims to identify subjective indicators of public opinions on the impact of the social policy on poverty alleviation and employment promotion in Hong Kong. The identification of these indicators will help policy makers to determine whether the policy is effective, on the basis of public perceptions, for achieving its intended consequences. It proposes to use 1,100 successful adults aged 18 and above as respondents from a randomly selected sample in Hong Kong. The key variables include the perceived impacts of comprehensive social security scheme (the dependent variable), the knowledge of the policy, individual needs satisfaction and value orientations (the independent variables) and personal characteristics (moderator). The findings are helpful to identify where the policy makers can work on to improve policy effective and enhance political legitimacy on the basis of public opinions. (SS04980)

  • Impacts of the Community Work Experience and Training Programme on Welfare Recipients
  • TANG Kwong Leung, CHEUNG Chau Kiu
    1 April 2006
    Public Policy Research Funding Scheme

    The launching of the Community Work Experience and Training Programme in Hong Kong to assist welfare recipients to improve their employability and chances of employment, and leaving the welfare net provides an opportunity for examining impacts of the combination of community service and job training, especially in view of the paucity of research data acquired overseas. Because of the co-existence of other measures, such as sanctioning, the waiver of disregarded earnings, and other programs, for helping welfare recipients for the same goal, the examination necessarily covers these measures. It thus is not merely an evaluation study of the Programme, but is a thorough attempt to explore ways to help welfare recipients. As such, the examination will involve a quasi-experiment design including participants in the Programme, the ordinary Community Work Programme without a training component, and non-participants among welfare recipients. The design will involve a baseline survey and a follow-up survey of the same respondents to enable rigorous examination of changes in welfare recipients. performance due to various factors. Such performance will incorporate employability (job skill and commitment), employment, self-reliance, exit from welfare, and receiving support from public services and informal sources. This set of criteria is necessary to address questions concerning the desired impacts and side effects of the Programmes and other factors. Notably, it is not sustainable to reduce reliance on welfare by increasing reliance on other public services and informal sources. (SS05373)

  • A Pilot Exploration of Policies for Strengthening Family Functioning in Hong Kong
  • NGAI Sek Yum, TANG Kwong Leung, LAM Mong Chow Amy, LAM Ching Man, CHEUNG Chau Kiu
    15 March 2005
    Central Policy Unit, Hong Kong SAR Government

    This study explores policies for strengthening family functioning in Hong Kong. These include immediate, short-term, educational, regulative, preventive, remedial, developmental, individual-based, and community-based policies covering aspects of social welfare, immigration, population, and labor, among others. The primary strength of the study is that it draws on social work (front-line and supervisory) and social science expertise, particularly dealing with family issues. Such expertise guides the identification and assessment of policies in terms of their effectiveness and the feasibility of their implemenation. The study employs data and information collected from focus groups, a follow-up survery, and literature review to propose polcies for further examination. (SS04942)

  • Racial Discrimination in Hong Kong: Prevalence, Impacts and Coping Strategies
  • TANG Kwong Leung, LAM Ching Man, LAM Mong Chow Amy, NGAI Sek Yum
    20 November 2003
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    Hong Kong, with its 6.7 million population, has witnessed a sizeable growth of ethnic and racial groups in the last decade. This study will examine the prevalence and impacts of racial discrimination in Hong Kong as well as the coping strategies used by ethnic minorities in managing the stressful effects of racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is an issue of growing concern partly due to its nature – violations of human rights, the extent of social costs as well as psychological impairments incurred to those who are affected. In this study, a survey of 150 ethnic minorities will be conducted, along with in-depth interviews of key informants. In addition, two focus groups comprising social service professionals and human rights activists will be conducted. The main goal of the focus groups is to explore policy and service action that is needed to deal with this issue. This study will be significant in several respects. Firstly, the issue of racial discrimination has captured the attention of the Hong Kong SAR Government, human rights activists and world community. Findings of the study will also be of interest to academics, social service professionals and policy-makers. Secondly, the survey would inform us about the ethnic minorities’ perceptions of the problem and their coping strategies. Finally, findings from this study can form a valuable base for developing into a large-scale opinion survey on racial discrimination in Hong Kong. (SS03405)

  • A Study Investigating Factors that Affect Long Term Care Use in Hong Kong
  • LOU V. W. Q., CHUI Wing Tak Ernest*, LEUNG Yee Man Angela*, TANG Kwong Leung
    1 June 2007
    Food and Health Bureau - Studies in Health Services

    Objective: To investigate the unique characteristics of elderly people with long term care needs who opt for community-based services and who opt for residential service. The focus will be primarily on three types of factors: enabling factors, psychological factors, and need factors. Design: A cross-sectional survey design. Trained research assistants will conduct face to face interviews to collect data based on standardized scales.
    Participants: Random sampling will be used in selecting respondents either from the Central Waiting List for Subsidized Long Term Care Services or from cluster sampling from service recipients in four categories of long term care services within a twelve month period starting prior to the study date. 1000 respondents will be targeted, including 320 elderly people who opted for community-based services, and 680 elderly people who opted for residential-care services.
    Measures: Standardized scales on disability, chronic disease, caregiver burden, availability of care support, financial support, attitude towards long term care services, family solidarity, and self-efficacy will be used by trained interviewers for measurement using a face to face method.
    Data Analysis: The theoretical framework based on revised Andersen’s expanded model of care utilization will become the analytic framework, which will guide the data analysis. Multiple regression modelling will be used along side SPSS statistical packages.
    Purposes: To provide empirical evidence that could serve as a basis to generate long-term care policy strategies, particularly service matching. (SS06968)

  • A Study on Social Enterprises in Hong Kong
  • TANG Kwong Leung, KO Suk Fun (The Nethersole School of Nursing), LEE James*, FUNG Ho Lup, AU Yuk Fai Kevin (Management)
    28 September 2007
    Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government

    The HKSAR government has recently adopted social enterprise (SE) as a new initiative to combat poverty, with an emphasis on helping the able-bodies to re-enter the labor market. As noted y the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, there are 172 SW projects participating in 37 types of businesses that are assisted or operated by 43 non-government organizations. Yet the public knowledge on SE is quite poor. Therefore, it maybe too early to judge if SE can effectively eliminate poverty since it is still in its budding period. SE has been widely used by some welfare states over the past decades in solving social problems, and the performance is outstanding. However, as any SE model needs to be highly adaptive to suit for different contextual scenarios, there is no universally applicable model for SEs. In view of these, this study aims at (a) finding the viable or even ideal model(s) for developing SEs that target different groups of people; and (b) developing ways to encourage effective and appropriate tripartite cooperation in SEs that target different groups of people; by adopting literature review, focus groups and key informant interviews. (SS07715)

Research Publications

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  • Research report on a study on the drug abuse situation among ethnic minorities in Hong Kong (co-authored with Hung Wong and Chau-kiu Cheung). Hong Kong : Dept. of Social Work, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2006.
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