WONG Hung 黃洪

Research Projects

  • An Exploratory Study of Public Opinions on the Impact of Comprehensive Social Security Scheme in Hong Kong
  • WONG Chack Kie, TANG Kwong Leung, WONG Hung
    1 December 2004
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The project aims to identify subjective indicators of public opinions on the impact of the social policy on poverty alleviation and employment promotion in Hong Kong. The identification of these indicators will help policy makers to determine whether the policy is effective, on the basis of public perceptions, for achieving its intended consequences. It proposes to use 1,100 successful adults aged 18 and above as respondents from a randomly selected sample in Hong Kong. The key variables include the perceived impacts of comprehensive social security scheme (the dependent variable), the knowledge of the policy, individual needs satisfaction and value orientations (the independent variables) and personal characteristics (moderator). The findings are helpful to identify where the policy makers can work on to improve policy effective and enhance political legitimacy on the basis of public opinions. (SS04980)

  • Limits and Possibilities of the Civil Society in Facing Public Crisis: Roles and Functions of the NGOs in Hong Kong in Responding to the SARS Crisis
  • WONG Hung, LEUNG Tse Fong Terry
    15 March 2004
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    This research aims to:
    Document the NGOs’ responses and actions in responding to the SARS crisis from March 2003 to March 2004;
    Analyze how NGOs and the Government negotiate and play out their obligations and responsibility in the SARS crisis;
    Evaluate the limits and possibilities of the NGOs actions and responses in facing the SARS crisis. This research provides insights for us to understand the dynamics and the process of how Hong Kong civil society can be built and rebuilt in a crisis situation. The lack of trust towards government and the lack of cohesion among the civil society popularly opined as the main obstacles in the political and social development of Hong Kong society, this research will provide new understanding on how trust and cohesion can be built and negotiated between the government and the civil society and among the civil society. (SS03374)

  • Poverty Problem and Poverty Alleviation Work in Shum Shui Po District: A Need-Based and Asset-Based Analysis
  • WONG Hung, LAM Ching Man
    24 December 2004
    Concern Poverty Problem Working Group, Shum Shui Po District Council

    Sham Shui Po is the poorest district in Hong Kong in terms of median household income and number of poor people. This research will utilize both need-based and asset-based approach in analyzing the poverty problem and poverty alleviation work in Sham Shui Po District. This research will use need-based approach to examine the need and characteristics of the poor residents in Sham Shui Po District and especially those live in the poorest locality. This research will also utilize asset-based approach to examine poverty alleviating ability, strength and social capital of the NGOs, community organizations, residents in Sham Shui Po, to portrait the community profile of Sham Shui Po under the asset-based perspective for further poverty alleviation work. (SS04727)

  • Research on Causes of Poverty Problems in Sham Shui Po District and Future of Poverty Alleviation Policies
  • WONG Hung
    9 January 2008
    Sham Shui Po District Council - Working Group on Poverty Problems

    The objectives of the research is to:
    1. explore whether the poverty problems in Shan Shui Po has been alleviated follow the economy recovery; and
    2. explore the causes of poverty problems in Sham Shui Po and find the ways out.
    The research will conduct secondary data analysis on the 2001 and 2006 Census data to explore the change of poverty situation in Sham Shui Po District and will conduct a survey to explore the change of livelihood of residents in Sham Shui Po District in the year of 2007, the recent ear of a significant economic recovery in Hong Kong. The research also employ case study for 30 cases to understand to impacts of the poverty alleviation policies and programmes on the participants and non-participants in Sham Shui Po District. (SS07340)

  • Undertaking a Consultancy Study on Aged Workers in Hong Kong
  • WONG Hung, YU Tak Sun Ignatius (Community and Family Medicine), LI Ping Wai, CHAN Kan Kam#
    1 December 2006
    Occupational Safety and Health Council Research Grant

    This Consultancy Research is funded by the Occupational Safety and Health Council, Hong Kong. The objectives are:
    (i) To conduct a cross-sectional territory wide surveys to review and identify the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) issues facing aged workers in different industries;
    (ii) To analyse the OSH needs of aged workers based on the findings from (i) and to formulate a prospective policy and strategy to meet the needs of aged workers;
    (iii) To develop a OSH management programme for the aged workers according to the policy and strategy formulated;
    (iv) To provide consultancy services for at least 10 selected industries on implementation of the aged workers OSH management programme at both corporate and individual levels; and
    (v) To develop a comprehensive training and promotional programme for both employers and employees to advance their understanding and knowledge regarding occupational safety and health of aged workers. (SS06369)

Research Publications

  • "Community Reactions to the SARS Crisis in Hong Kong: Analysis of a Time-limited Counseling Hotline" (co-authored with LEUNG Tse Fong Terry). Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment vol.12 no.1, pp.1-22. Binghamton, United States of America: Haworth Press, 2005.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Periodical HM1001 .J54 v.12, 2005)

  • "Cost of Living and Income Security in Hong Kong". Social Development in Hong Kong: the Unfinished Agenda ed. by Richard Estes . pp.51-60. Hong Kong SAR: Oxford University Press (China) Ltd., 2005.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HN752.7 .S63 2005 c.2; UL HK Studies HN752.7 .S63 2005)

  • Does democratization spur social welfare spending : the case of Hong Kong, China. (co-authored with Kwong-leung Tang and Chau-kiu Cheung) Hong Kong : Social Welfare Practice and Research Centre, Dept. of Social Work, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2004.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies HV431 .T33 2004)

  • "The Failure of Social Security in Alleviating Poverty in Hong Kong". Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work vol.10 no.2, pp.86-100. Singapore, 2000.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Periodical HV1 .A83 v.10, 2000)

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  • "Marginalized Workers in Postindustrial Hong Kong" (co-authored with LEE Kim Ming). The Journal of Comparative Asian Development vol.3 no.2, pp.249-280. Hong Kong SAR, 2004.

  • "Misled Intervention by a Misplaced Diagnosis: The Hong Kong SAR Government's Policies for Alleviating Poverty and Social Exclusion". The China Review vol.7 no.2, pp.124-147. Hong Kong SAR: The Chinese University Press, 2007.

  • "The Quality of Life of Hong Kong’s Poor Households in the 1990s: Levels of Expenditure, Income Security and Poverty". Social Indicators Research vol.71 no.1, Dordrecht, Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2005. pp.411-440.

  • "The Quality of Life of Hong Kong's Poor Households in the 1990s: Cost of Living, Income Security and Poverty Situation". Paper presented in the Internation Conference on Quality of Life in a Global World, organized by Faculty of Social Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong SAR, 2003.11.

  • "Repositioning risk in social work education: Reflections arising from the threat of SARS to social work students in Hong Kong during their field practicum" (co-authored with LEUNG Tse Fong Terry and LAM Ching Man). Social Work Education vol.26 no.4, pp.389-398. London, United Kingdom: Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), 2006.

  • Research report on a study on the drug abuse situation among ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. (co-authored with Kwong-leung Tang and Chau-kiu Cheung) Hong Kong : Dept. of Social Work, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2006.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Gov Document HV5824.E85 T36 2006)

  • "The Resistance, Coping Strategy and Social Network of Marginal Workers in Hong Kong". Paper presented in the International Conference on Labour in a Gloablizing Worl organized by Centre for Comparative Public Management and Social Policy, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, 2001.01.04.

  • "Social Polarisation and Poverty in the Global City: The Case of Hong Kong" (co-authored with LEE Kim Ming and LAW Kam Yee). China Report: A Journal of East Asian Studiesvol.2007 no.43, pp.1-30. London, United Kingdom: Sage Publications Ltd, 2007.

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* Name of external researcher
# Name of staff who has left the University