FUNG Ho Lup 馮可立

Research Projects

  • A Study on Social Enterprises in Hong Kong
  • TANG Kwong Leung, KO Suk Fun (The Nethersole School of Nursing), LEE James*, FUNG Ho Lup, AU Yuk Fai Kevin (Management)
    28 September 2007
    Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government

    The HKSAR government has recently adopted social enterprise (SE) as a new initiative to combat poverty, with an emphasis on helping the able-bodies to re-enter the labor market. As noted y the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, there are 172 SW projects participating in 37 types of businesses that are assisted or operated by 43 non-government organizations. Yet the public knowledge on SE is quite poor. Therefore, it maybe too early to judge if SE can effectively eliminate poverty since it is still in its budding period. SE has been widely used by some welfare states over the past decades in solving social problems, and the performance is outstanding. However, as any SE model needs to be highly adaptive to suit for different contextual scenarios, there is no universally applicable model for SEs. In view of these, this study aims at (a) finding the viable or even ideal model(s) for developing SEs that target different groups of people; and (b) developing ways to encourage effective and appropriate tripartite cooperation in SEs that target different groups of people; by adopting literature review, focus groups and key informant interviews. (SS07715)

Research Publications

  • "Prevalence, Role and Functions of Self-help Groups in Hong Kong". (co-authored with MOK Bong Ho, CHAU Kin Lam Kenneth and NGAI Ngan Pun) The Hong Kong Journal of Social Work World Scientific. vol.37 no.1, Hong Kong, China: Hon g Kong Social Workers Association Limited, 2003.07.01. p.87-96.

  • "Social Care in Hong Kong: Challenges and Responses".(co-authored with TANG Kwong Leung and LAU Yuk King) Challenge of Social Care in Asia ed. by Ngoh Tiong Tan and S. Vasoo. Singapore: Marshall Cavenish Academic Press, 2006.07. p.43-62.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HV376 .C53 2006)

  • A comprehensive jobs strategy? : an exploratory study on policies tackling unemployment in Hong Kong. Hong Kong : Hong Kong Council of Social Service, 2004.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies HD5833.A6 C65 2004)

  • 《扶貧策略國際比較 : 領取福利援助之單親家長的就業政策探討 : 美國、挪威、新西蘭、荷蘭、英國、愛爾蘭的單親狀況探討》(與研究員李偉合編),香港:香港社會保障學會:關注綜援檢討聯盟:樂施會,2005。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HK Studies HQ759.915 .F86 2005)

  • 〈香港自助小組的普遍性和組織性質〉,(與莫邦豪、周健林及魏雁濱合著) Advances in Social Welfare in Hong Kong ed. by Daniel T. L. Shek, Lam Mong Chow, Au Chor Fai, J. J. Lee. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 2002. p.311-327.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HV431 .A38 2002 c.3; UL Reserve 4 hours HV431 .A38 2002 c.4; UL HK Studies HV431 .A38 2002 c.2; CC Reserve 4 hours HV431 .A38 2002)

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