CHIU Wing Kai Stephen 趙永佳

Research Projects

  • Between Maids and Surrogate Parents: Foreign Domestic Helpers and Family Changes in Hong Kong
  • CHIU Wing Kai Stephen
    3 March 2003
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    This project is a pilot study of the role and significance of foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) in contemporary Hong Kong families. Most previous study focuses on the situations of foreign domestic helpers and their employment conditions while journalistic attention has been put on the abuses on the helpers or by the helpers. This study instead shifts the focus to the employers and their families. As this is a pilot project, several key research questions will be explored:

    (1) What are the factors determining the employment of FDHs by local families? (2) What are the main areas of responsibilities for FDHs or their roles in the host families? (3) What are the patterns of social relations between the host families and their FDHs? (4) What are the main problem areas arising from the employment of FDHs? (5) What would be the possible impacts on local families of the several policy proposals on FDHs being recently circulated?

    A combination of statistical analysis of Census data, content analysis of news reports and in-depth interview of employers will be implemented in this project. (SS02406)

  • Developing Curriculum Materials for Liberal Studies (Advanced Supplementary Level): Basic Law and Legal System in Hong Kong
  • CHIU Wing Kai Stephen
    1 April 2006
    Education and Manpower Bureau, HKSAR Government

    The purpose of this project is to develop curriculum materials for the unit .Basic Law and Legal System in Hong Kong. that is part of the existing Liberal Studies (Advanced Supplementary Level) curriculum and will also be part of New Senior Secondary Liberal Studies. Activities and materials to be provided are as below: 1) collect relevant web links and references for teachers and students; 2) identify at least 25 relevant concepts that are essential to the study of issues for the unit; 3) develop at least 50 fact sheets of cases, surveys, critiques or others in different formats such as text, data and others; 4) develop two lesson plans to illustrate how can issue-enquiry approach be achieved by using the relevant concepts and fact sheets; 5) organize and conduct two teacher workshops; 6) compile a summary report with the comments and feedbacks from the teachers. (ED05555)

  • Low-Wage Workers: in Hong Kong
  • CHIU Wing Kai Stephen
    15 October 2007
    Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government

    The purpose of this project is to provide a sounder understanding of current low-wage workers in Hong Kong by a) investigating workers’ experiences in relation to firm level practices; b) clarifying more how young generation of workers might or might not pursue further study for advancement and what types of constraint they face; c) deepening our understanding of the role of the household in low-wage workers’ coping strategies; and d) delineating low-wage workers’ perception on a range of social and political issues, so as to better understand their roles in achieving social harmony. It is hoped that the project will generate results that inform policies in the areas of retraining, further education for the youth promoting good practices among employers. A better understanding of wider social and political impacts of low-wage work could also contribute to innovations in social and labor policy-making. (SS07903)

  • A Study on Social Enterprises in Comparative Perspective
  • CHIU Wing Kai Stephen, WONG Ka Ying Timothy (Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies)
    1 January 2006
    Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government

    The research project compares the development of social enterprises in different countries and sees how relevant their experiences are to Hong Kong. Since the 1990s, social enterprise has emerged as an institutional innovation primarily to alleviate the problem of social exclusion caused by long-term unemployment. There are initiatives in many developed countries in the hope that social enterprises can fill the void left by the state/market failure in terms of providing employment opportunities for these marginalized groups. The project is divided into two stages. The first stage involves a descriptive overview of social enterprise development in the US, the UK, Italy, Sweden and Taiwan within a comparative framework inspired by the welfare regime literature. The second stage involves more in-depth, theory-driven comparison of how social contexts vary to affect 1) the scale and scope of social enterprise development and 2) the level of success of social enterprise development. (SS05378)

  • Support Program for the Learning and Teaching of Liberal Studies (ASL) for Secondary School Teachers and Students
  • CHIU Wing Kai Stephen
    1 September 2001
    Education Department, Hong Kong SAR Government

    The primary objective of the programme is to support the learning and teaching of social subjects, primarily AS Level Liberal Studies, at the matriculation level. The broader significance of the programme is to buttress project study approach and critical thinking at the secondary school level, and to promote students. understanding of the community and their sense of belonging by fostering the development of social subjects. Such a programme would also help strengthen the ties between our University and secondary schools and enhance our visibility at the secondary level. A series of activities is going to be orgainized, including a competition of small-scale social research projects for Liberal Studies students, preparation and distribution of online teaching and learning resources through our Web site .LS-Online. (, and workshops and seminars for teachers and students. (SS01673)

Research Publications

  • "Decolonization and the movement for institutionalization of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong: a political process perspective". (co-authored with LEE Pui Leung Rance and KO S. F. Lisanne) Social Science and Medicine (Oxford, United Kingdom: Elsevier Ltd) vol.61 (2005), pp.1045-1058
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Periodical W1 .S58; Available Online)

  • "Employment Restructuring and Labour in a Flexible Labor Market: The Case of Hong Kong". (co-authored with SO Alvin Y) Paper presented in the 15th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics, organized by LEST in Aix-en-Provence, Aix-en-Provence, France, June 2003.

  • Family Changes and Income Inequality under Globalization: The Case of Hong Kong. Hong Kong SAR: The Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK, Feb 2005.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL H62.5.H6 H62 no.154; UL HK Studies H62.5.H6 H62 no.154)

  • "Flexibility under Unorganized Industrialism? The Experience of Industrial Restructuring in Hong Kong". (co-authored with LUI Tai Lok) Economic Governance and the Challenge of Flexibility in East Asia. pp.55-77. Maryland, USA: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2001.
    (CUHK Library Call No: HD70.E22 E34 2001)

  • "Flexible Production and Industrial Restructuring in Hong Kong: From Boom and Bust?". (co-authored with SO Alvin Y) Paper presented in the conference "Labor, Race, and Empire", organized by UC-Irvine, United States of America, 2003.03.

  • "Flexible Production and Industrial Restructuring in Hong Kong: From Boom to Bust?". (co-authored with SO Alvin Y) Labor Versus Empire: Race,Gender, and Migration ed. by Gilbert G.Gonzalez. pp.199-216. United States of America: Routledge, July 2004.
    (CUHK Library Call No: CC Reserve JC359 .L26 2004)

  • "Gendered Preference of Chinese Medicine Utilization in Hong Kong: Perspectives from Socio-demographic Changes." (co-authored with CHAN, LAI NGO; and LEE Pui Leung Rance.) The 39th Annual Conference of the British Sociology Association Medical Sociology Group, United Kingdom, Sep 2007.

  • "Getting Ahead in the Capitalist Paradise: Migration from China and Socioeconomic Attainment in Colonial Hong Kong". (co-authored with CHOI Yuk Ping and TING Kwok Fai.) The International Migration Review (ProQuest Social Science Journals) vol.39 no.1 (2005), pp.203-227.
    (CUHK Library Call No: Available Online)

  • "Governance Crisis in Post-1997 Hong Kong: A Political Economy Perspective". (co-authored with LUI Tai Lok) China Review (Hong Kong SAR: Chinese University Press) vol.7 no.2 (Oct 2007), pp.1-34
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Periodical DS701 .C488; Available Online)

  • Growth without Catching Up - Organizational Dynamics in the Restructuring of the Electronics Industry in Hong Kong. (co-authored with WONG Ka Chung) Hong Kong SAR: Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Feb 2001.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL H62.5.H6 H62 no.115; UL HK Studies H62.5.H6 H62 no.115)

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  • "Hong Kong (China)". Migration and the Labour Market in Asia - Recent Trends and Policies pp.193 - 224. Paris, France: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2003.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HD8653.5 .M543 2002; Available Online)

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    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Periodical HF3820.5 .A14; Available Online)

  • "Network Deficit? Inter-firm Linkages and the Software Industry in Hong Kong". (co-authored with WONG LAI FONG YVONNE) Paper presented in the the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), 15 pgs. Provence, France, June 2003

  • "Recent Economic and Labour Migration-related Developments in Hong Kong (China)". International Migration in Asia: Trends and Policies ed. by John Simpson pp.183-210. Paris, France: Organization for Econimic Cooperation and Development, 2001.
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  • A Stranger in the House: Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong. (co-authored with ASIAN MIGRANT Centre) Hong Kong SAR: Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nov 2005.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL H62.5.H6 H62 no.162; UL HK Studies H62.5.H6 H62 no.162; UL Law H62.5.H6 H62 no.162)

  • "Testing the Global City-Social Polarisation Thesis: Hong Kong since the 1990s". (co-authored with LUI Tai Lok) Urban Studies (London: Carfax Publishing) vol.41 no.10 Sep 2004), pp.1863-1888
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Periodical HT103.U7; Available Online)

  • "Withering Away of the Hong Kong Dream? Women Workers under Industrial Restructuring." (co-authored with LEE Ching-kwan) Gender and Change in Hong Kong: Globalization, Postcolonialism, and Chinese Patriarchy ed. by Eliza W.Y. Lee. pp.97 - 132. Vancouver, Canada: UBC Press, 2003.
    (CUHK Library Call No: CC Reserve HQ1781 .G45 2003; Available Online)

  • 〈人離鄉賤?:香港外籍家庭傭工狀況調查〉與李子樂合著,見《社會發展的趨勢與挑戰:香港與台灣的經驗》 劉兆佳、尹寶珊、李明堃、黃紹倫編,香港:香港中文大學香港亞太研究所,2006年6月,頁247-276。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HN752.7 .S48 2006; UL HK Studies HN752.7 .S48 2006)

  • 〈香港:跨越全球—地方二元空間〉與呂大樂合著,見《世界城市—國際經驗與上海發展》,中國上海:上海社會科學院出版社,2004,頁 126-146。

  • 〈香港政府工會政策與工運的發展〉,論文發表於兩岸勞動條件與勞資爭議研討會,台北市政府勞工局勞工教育中心,台灣經濟研究院,2001年11月。

  • 〈停滯或重生:全球化對香港勞工運動之影響〉 ["Stagnation or Revival? The Impact of Globalization on the Hong Kong Labour Movement"] 與David A. Levin 合著,見《2001年亞太勞資關係論壇--經濟全球化與變遷中的勞資關係》,台灣:台灣行政院勞工委員會,中華民國勞資關係協進會,Sep 2001

  • 〈從九七香港的政治失序:階級分析的角度〉與呂大樂合著,見《香港、台灣和中國內地的社會階級變遷》,劉兆佳、尹寶珊、李明堃、黃紹倫編,香港:香港中文大學香港亞太研究所,2004年7月,頁29-59。
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HN740.Z9 S686925 2004; UL HK Studies HN740.Z9 S686925 2004)

  • 〈檢驗全球化城市的社會兩極化論:1990年代後的香港〉與呂大樂合著,見《社會發展的趨勢與挑戰:香港與台灣的經驗》 劉兆佳、尹寶珊、李明堃、黃紹倫編,香港:香港中文大學香港亞太研究所,2006年6月,頁3-40.
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HN752.7 .S48 2006; UL HK Studies HN752.7 .S48 2006)

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