WONG Suk Ying Veronica 王淑英

Research Projects

  • A Comparative and Longitudinal Study of World History Teaching in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, 1949-2004
  • WONG Suk Ying Veronica
    1 January 2005
    Endowment Fund Research Grant 2004/2005

    The purpose of the proposed study is to investigate systematically the development and organization of the modern world history instructional programs in three Chinese societies, namely, the mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong since 1949. Specifically, three goals are entertained. First, I will trace the development of world history teaching as a formal subject in the school curricula of these societies. Second, I will examine in detail the dynamics of the core definitions of this subject matter over time by coding and analyzing world history school textbooks paying special attention to two dimensions: a) the chronological segments demarcated, and b) the types of historical figures mentioned within these chronologies. Third, by employing both qualitative and quantitative analyses, I will assess the pertinence of major theoretical arguments regarding the institutionalization of the modern school curriculum and further develop a general perspective about what global cultural influences might mean in shaping the reality of the educational process. While preliminary findings of my study have presented a distinct trend of changes in the world history instruction in these three societies, the study is not able to capture the current situation and trend of development of this subject area since my data collection effort was only confined till the 1990s. Taking into account the rapid changes that have been taken place in these societies since the 1990s, it is extremely crucial to bring the investigation up to date. (SS04407)

Research Publications

  • "College Systems Within A University: the Case of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (書院制與大學教育) ". Paper presented in the Annual Forum of United College 周年研討會, organized by United College, 0 pgs. Hong Kong, 2006.

  • "Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong: A Socio-historical Perspective". (co-authored with FAIRBROTHER Gregory). Common Interests, Uncommon Goals: Histories of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies ed. by Vandra Masemann, Mark Bray and Maria Manzon. Dordrecht: Springer, 2007.08.

  • "Exploring Changes in the Meaning of Global-Local Identity Through World History Instruction in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong: A Comparative and Longitudinal Study". International Convention of Asia Scholars II (refereed major section presentation) Berlin, Germany, 2001.08.

  • “Hong Kong Society and Culture”. 論文發表於《Invited lecture given to the senior officials from the Chinese municipal governments 四川省, 重慶, 貴州省, 云南省, 長春, 大連, 湖北省》, 主辦機構為Business and Professional Federation of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2005.

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