LUI Tai Lok 呂大樂

Research Projects

  • Crossing the Divide of Culture and Industry: An Exploratory Study of the Creative Industry in Hong Kong
  • LUI Tai Lok
    1 November 2003
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The proposed project is an attempt to study the creative industry in Hong Kong. Through an intensive case study of local collectible toy designers and their creative activities, the investigator looks into the formation of creative ideas, the interface between creativity and business, social and economic networking in the facilitation of creative design, manufacturing and business packaging, and the social structuring of a creative and innovative milieu. The findings of the proposed research would cast light on the existing debates about the significance of networking and clustering to innovation and the prospects of turning culture into marketable products. By unpacking the creative and innovative processes through ethnographic interviews, this study would also be relevant to the discussion of the significance of an ‘industrial atmosphere’ to economic success. (SS03691)

  • The Middle Class in Asia: Its Ups and Downs in Three Chinese Cities
  • LUI Tai Lok
    15 November 2002
    CUHK Research Committee Funding (Direct Grants)

    The proposed project is an attempt to develop a comparative study of the middle class in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei. Largely an extension of the investigator’s previous study of social classes in East Asia, this project probes current socio-economic and political changes and their impacts on the middle class in these three Chinese cities. It is an examination of the changing fortunes of the middle class and the changing moral and political outlooks of the middle class there. (SS02630)

  • Social Class, Mobility Experience and Mobility Strategy
  • LUI Tai Lok
    1 January 2006
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    The proposed project is a qualitative study of social mobility and mobility strategy. The focus will be placed on the mobility experiences of three selected social classes (the working class, small employers and the self-employed, and middle class professionals, managers and administrators) and how they attempt to shape the prospects of the social mobility of their own children by providing them with the necessary resources (economic, cultural and social capital) for attaining high positions in the social hierarchy. Questions about social class and education (the major channel of social mobility in contemporary Hong Kong) will constitute the central issues of this project. The investigator will explore how education assists social mobility and how different social classes adopt different strategies to prepare their children, via the educational channel, for social advancement. This project will be most relevant to our understanding of the mobility experience of Hong Kong people, their perceptions and evaluations of mobility opportunities, why education (particularly the allocation of school places for children) is always a contentious issue of public concern, and how different social classes use education as a means of preparing their children for social mobility. (CU05671)

  • Study on Hong Kong's Middle Class - Their Mentality and Aspirations
  • LUI Tai Lok
    23 May 2005
    Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government

    The study aims to investigate the mentality of the middle class in the context of recent drastic political and socio-economic changes in Hong Kong. Emphasis is placed on the notion of mentality, suggesting that behind attitudinal changes in the events of political twists and turns as well as economic ups and downs, there exists a deeper and more stable structure of norms, values, perceptions, aspirations and expectations in people’s minds. While people’s short term reactions to various incidents and happenings may well be shaped by media reports and public collective responses, their evaluations of political leaders, government initiatives, social and economic changes, and their own life situations are determined by deeper and more entrenched values. The proposed study of the mentality of the middle class will probe the moral and normative basis upon which middle class people make their evaluations and judgments of social, political, economic and cultural changes since 1997. The findings would inform us about i) what kinds of benchmark and normative rules were drawn by the middle class in their evaluation of the performances of the HKSAR Government since 1997 and ii) what would be their moral and normative framework upon which they make their judgment of future government initiative and their own personal in the face of political and socio-economic changes. (SS04953)

  • Who Gets Ahead (or Stays Behind): Life Chances and Social Mobility in Hong Kong
  • LUI Tai Lok, TING Kwok Fai
    11 April 2006
    Public Policy Research Funding Scheme

    One of the most important benchmarks for assessing the performance of a modern liberal government is its ability of providing its people with an environment that, irrespective of their family and social background, they can attain personal success within the institutionalized channels by hard work and the will to achieve. It is the ordinary people.s expectation that the government should work on shaping a social environment wherein chances for social mobility are available, access to opportunities of mobility is equal, and competition for personal achievement is guided by meritocratic principles. The proposed research is an attempt i) to gauge the openness of Hong Kong society by means of social mobility analysis; ii) to examine the effects of education on status attainment and social mobility; iii) to probe how the family plays its part, if any, in preparing and assisting its members in climbing up the social ladder; and iv) to analyze the effects of social mobility experience on people.s perception and evaluation of economic, social and political changes since 1997. This project would generate the necessary information on the conditions of Hong Kong society for assessing the work of the government in realizing the promises of an open society. (SS05685)

Research Publications

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