CHEUNG Wai Ting 鄭慧婷

Research Projects

  • To Bet or Not to Bet: Structural Disadvantage, Social Capital, Individual Mentality and Adolescent Gambling in Hong Kong
  • CHEUNG Wai Ting, CHEUNG Yuet Wah
    1 November 2007
    Research Grants Council (Earmarked Grants)

    The proposed study will examine and compare the extent and pattern of gambling in school youths and out-of school marginal youths in Hong Kong, and test the strength of various sociological theories of deviance in explaining adolescent gambling behavior. Although the few available epidemiological studies, which were mostly conducted since 2000 and focused on students, are useful in assessing the prevalence of gambling among Hong Kong adolescents, they give little attention to the social structural contexts and mechanisms generating adolescent gambling behavior. Besides, it has been argued that out-of-school marginal youths tend to have a higher rate of gambling than ordinary students. Yet there is remarkably little written on gambling behavior of marginal adolescents. An integrated framework incorporating the macro structural variable pertaining to the structural disadvantage perspective (that is, socioeconomic marginality), social relational variables pertaining to the social capital perspective (including informal social control, social support, social learning, and strain-coping ability generated from an adolescent’s social network), and variables pertaining to the individual mentality perspective (including risk society mentality and self-control), will be developed. Situational factors and beliefs about gambling of an adolescent will be included as intervening variables. The model provides a fuller understanding of how the interaction between social structure, social relations, and individual mentality shape adolescent gambling. A survey of students and marginal youths will be undertaken. A sample of 2,000 students aged between 13-20 years will be randomly selected from Form 1 to Form 7 students in secondary schools. A sample of 500 marginal youths aged between 13-20 years will be drawn from out-reaching social work agencies, penal institutions, gambling treatment organizations, and drug treatment agencies. This study will also conduct focus groups for young gamblers, so that qualitative data elaborating on relationships among the various variables and pertaining to the experiences of gambling will be obtained. (CU07415)

Research Publications

  • "Explaining Adolescent Deviance in Hong Kong: A Test of the General Theory of Crime." (co-authored with CHEUNG Yuet Wah) Paper presented in the 56th Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Social Problems, organized by Society for the Study of Social Problems, Montreal, Canada, August 2006

  • "Is Hong Kong Experiencing Normalization of Adolescent Drug Use? Some Reflections on the Normalization Thesis." (co-authored with CHEUNG Yuet Wah) Substance Use & Misuse (USA: Taylor and Francis) vol.41 no.14 (Dec 2006), pp.1967-1990
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL Periodical HV5800.I58; Available Online)

  • "A Longitudinal Study of Chronic Drug Abusers in Hong Kong." (co-authored with CHEUNG Yuet Wah; CHIEN James M. N.; TANG So Kum Catherine; PI Peter; CHOI Fai Ming Jonathan; WONG Amy Au and HO Sammy C) Paper presented in the Conference on Chronic Drug Abuse in Hong Kong: Latest Findings and Service Relevance, organized by Department of Psychology, CUHK, Hong Kong, 15 May 2004

  • "Recreational Drug Use of Adolescents in Risk Society: Some Reflections on the Normalization Thesis in Hong Kong." (co-authored with CHEUNG Yuet Wah) Paper presented in the 99th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, organized by American Sociological Association, San Francisco, United States of America, August 2004

  • "Self- Control, Social Factors and Delinquency: A Test of The General Theory of Crime Among Adolescents in Hong Kong." (co-authored with CHEUNG Yuet Wah) Journal of Youth and Adolescence (Springer Science and Business Media, LLC) vol.37 (Sep 2007), pp.412-430
    (CUHK Library Call No: CC Periodical HQ796 .J625; Available Online)

  • "Social Capital and Drug Use after Treatment: A Study of Treated Heroin Addicts in Hong Kong." (co-authored with CHEUNG Yuet Wah) Paper presented in the 95th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association Washington D.C., USA, 12 August 2000

  • "Social Capital and Normalization of Adolescent Drug Use in Hong Kong." (co-authored with CHEUNG Yuet Wah) Paper presented in the International conference on tackling drug abuse, organized by Narcotics Division, Hong Kong, 2006.

  • "Social Capital and Recovery from Drug Addiction: Finding of A Study of Treated Drug Addicts in Hong Kong." (co-authored with CHEUNG Yuet Wah) Hong Kong Journal of Sociology (Hong Kong SAR: Hong Kong Sociological Association) vol.1 (Nov 2000), pp.29-51
    (CUHK Library Call No: UL HKS Periodical HN751 .X56; ICS Periodical HN751 .X56)

  • "Social Capital and Risk Level of Post treatment Drug Use: Implications for Harm Reduction among Male Treated Addicts in Hong Kong." (co-authored with CHEUNG Yuet Wah) Addiction Research and Theory (United States of America: Brunner Routledge) vol.11 no.3 (June 2003), pp.145 - 162
    (CUHK Library Call No: Available Online)

  • "Strain, Self-control and Gender Differences in Delinquency Among Adolescents in Hong Kong: Extending the General Strain Theory." (co-authored with CHEUNG Yuet Wah) 9th Annual Meeting of Hong Kong Sociological Association, Hong Kong, Dec 2007

  • 〈自我控制、社會資本與青少年藥物濫用普遍化:香港的例子〉與張越華合著,論文發表於 《「青少年違法犯罪現況及理論」學術研討會》,主辦機構為澳門青少年犯罪研究學會、中國青少年犯罪研討會、南京大學犯罪預防與控制研究所, ,澳門,2006年8月

  • 〈「青少年消遣性藥物使用正常化」現象有否在香港出現:正常化概念的一些啟示〉與張越華合著,論文發表於 《第四屆中國內地與港澳地區藥物濫用防治研討會及第八屆全國藥物依賴性學術會議》,主辦機構為香港社會服務聯會,香港,2005年10月

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